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A delicate woman in a marriage never makes the following basic mistakes

If you want to keep Marriage life If your actions are strong, first of all, make sure that your actions are trying to serve that purpose. Many wives just because of negligence turn themselves into destroyers of family peace.

Whether a woman is smart, sophisticated or not is actually very important. After all, marriage is not always as smooth as the songs or the lyrical verses.

Understanding men’s psychology, grasping their psychology and behaving in a subtle way is the way to improve family life. Therefore, sophisticated women will never make the following mistakes for their marriage.

1. Arbitrarily revealing her husband’s secrets

Some argue that the reason why men rarely discuss career and life issues with their wives is because they do not believe in her “closed mouth”. Many wives are just too happy to arbitrarily reveal their husband’s private and secret things.

If they find out, there will be friction between the two sides and next time, he will never tell you the story again. Your actions make a husband think his wife isn’t really a good listener, which can destroy the deepest level of trust that couples have, triggering a marriage crisis.

2. Disdain married life

Many wives always use marriage to threaten their husbands. There are issues that come up again and again about divorce, leaving… All she does is to threaten, punish and control men. If she often uses that way, it will make him feel that you are a scary existence, over time the husband gets bored of his wife, causing the marriage to fall apart.

A delicate woman in a marriage never makes the following basic mistake: Rule #3 is easy to break!  - Photo 1.


3. Despise the dignity of men

Wives who go out do not know how to save face for their husbands, always find ways to condemn and drown him, they really stop talking. Wives like this are too ignorant and easily upset men.

As husband and wife, when going out, we need to know how to support each other and beautify each other’s images. If you only condemn and trample on his dignity, a man’s self-esteem will be hurt and it is extremely easy to break up a marriage.

4. Forcing her husband to have achievements

Many wives have strict requirements and expectations from their husbands. If she gets what she wants, that’s okay, otherwise she will scold, belittle and even mock her husband. The wives hope that this way can stimulate the husband so that he makes more effort and progress. In fact, it will only make their relationship even more contradictory.

It is not always possible for wives to directly impose their wishes and goals on their husbands. That compulsion will make husbands sad because they realize their worth is not recognized by you.

A delicate woman in a marriage never makes the following basic mistake: Rule #3 is easy to break!  - Photo 2.


5. Compare love

Many wives like to compare their husbands with other men. The results of comparison are usually that their husbands are inferior to them. Everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are different, so the comparison is very unfair. Using your own weakness to compare the strengths of others, you won’t lose anyway.

Such bad-tempered wives need to leave immediately. Don’t put your husband under such great pressure and psychological burden.

Another kind of comparison is comparing life, being jealous when someone’s husband has a lot of money, buying expensive gifts or changing a new house… These things should never be violated lest the marriage break down.

6. Doubt and arrogance

There is a very good saying: “The most taboo in marriage is to use doubt as evidence”.

Doubts of wives make husbands tired. Or, on the other hand, arrogant, careless wives also seriously damage marital harmony. Therefore, sophisticated wives will have a different way of dealing with marriage, without causing irreversible problems.

Hopefully, the wives will not make the above basic mistakes to make the marriage come to a dead end! 3-de-gay-do-vo-20220526110432414.chn

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