Announcement of results and awarding prizes for running BIDVRUN

Nearly 47,000 runners in the online charity run “BIDVRUN – For a Green Life 2022” contributed more than 8.2 billion VND to build community houses to avoid floods and 188,645 trees for protection. The running race, which took place from April 17, 2022 to May 8, 2022, has left many meaningful impressions on the community.

As a pioneer in carrying out activities for the community, BIDV has taken the initiative to organize online charity races linking social security activities with sports training, health promotion, and activities. business activities and connect employees throughout the system.

The “BIDVRUN – For a Green Life” running race was held for the second time on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of BIDV’s establishment, received the support of staff and employees of the entire BIDV system and attracted a large number of customers. participation.

At the end of the 22 days of the event, there were 439 teams including 244 BIDV teams, 31 teams of The bank of Viet Nam and 164 teams of athletes (athletes) outside participated in the race with a total of 46,838 runners, recording 2.1 million km of achievements, the average achievement reaching nearly 45km/runner.

Announcing the results and awarding the BIDVRUN running prize - For a Green life - 1

The conversion achievement from the compassionate runs of the athletes is more than 8.2 billion VND. This amount will be contributed by BIDV to implement the program to build community houses to avoid floods for provinces that frequently experience natural disasters.

At the same time, for every valid 11km run, athletes participating in the program have contributed 1 tree to the program “planting 1 million trees” of BIDV in response to the project of “planting 1 billion trees” by the Prime Minister. As a result, athletes contributed 188,645 trees to the program.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the program, Mr. Tran Xuan Hoang, Member of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Trade Union of BIDV, Head of the Organizing Committee of the running race, said:The annual charity run organized by BIDV has made its own mark, received the attention of the State Bank of Vietnam, and attracted not only BIDV employees but also athletes from all over the country. ; especially many foreign athletes such as France, Australia, Korea… have known and participated in the program.

Through the run, athletes not only build a healthy lifestyle for themselves, create a movement to practice sports, but most importantly contribute to the community and the sustainable development of the land. country“.

This year’s run has the participation of a variety of athletes from movement, semi-professional, to professional athletes of the National Athletics Team, such as athlete Pham Thi Hong Le who has just won the 31st Seagames Gold medal. glass 10,000m.

In order to encourage enthusiastic sportsmanship and encourage athletes who have tried their best to overcome themselves to compete for the colors of the flag and shirt and contribute to promoting the image of the people and country of Vietnam at international competitions, BIDV presented athlete Pham Thi Hong Le with a prize of 30 million VND. To encourage other high-achieving athletes who have made many contributions to the race, BIDV offers gifts including: sports jerseys, caps and drawstring bags, 2,000 pieces each.

Athlete Pham Thi Hong Le shared: “Hong Le knows about and participates in BIDV’s running programs for the third consecutive season. Participating in charity runs makes running more meaningful, not only training for competition, improving health, helping to keep the spirit happy, but Le personally also contributes to the community. Working together for a better life“.

In its development strategy, BIDV always identifies community orientation as one of the basic goals and core values ​​in its operations. BIDV’s social security activities are the heart, feelings and responsibility of the bank’s employees, and have become a good tradition that has been fostered by the entire system through generations.

During 65 years of operation, BIDV persistently implemented social security to bring good human values ​​to the community, such as a river carrying heavy silt, accretion and gratitude to life. It is not only the corporate cultural identity, the political responsibility to the country, but also the pride of BIDV.

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