‘Balanced nutrition for sports people’

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Nutrition Sports is the scientific study of eating and drinking for athletes in training and competition regimes, studying the relationship between nutritional factors and physiological functions, mobility, fitness, and fitness. physical response, recovery, fatigue and illness.

During sports training, metabolism is enhanced, energy and material expenditure are increased, enzyme reactions and reflexes are activated, there is accumulation of acid products and loss of energy. Water should change a variety of substances in the body. Therefore, the issue of nutrition for athletes is of great significance.

Proper nutrition is to comprehensively supplement the athlete’s expenditure, is the process of regulating metabolism in the body, so that the nutritional reserve in the athlete’s body is full.

Online talk: 'Balance of nutrition for sports people' - 2

Nutrition for sports people plays a very important role (Artwork)

Under normal conditions, the energy supplied and consumed is always kept constant. Energy is the basic condition of all activities in the body. Insufficient energy, reduced functional activities, poor health; Excess energy causes fat accumulation, which also makes it difficult for the body to exercise, function difficult and health is also poor: Therefore, providing the right food is paramount.

The amount of energy needed to supply the body depends mainly on the energy expended. Important factors affecting energy expenditure are the amount of exercise, intensity of exercise, characteristics of sports, athlete’s weight and duration of exercise. Therefore, the energy supply must be based on the training situation and the individual characteristics of each athlete.

Facing that problem, VTC News electronic newspaper organized an online seminar: “Balance of nutrition for people who practice sports” to contribute to improving health and helping athletes achieve high results in competition.

This is a gathering space for participation and comments, initiatives and solutions of authorities, businesses and experts; Athletes to help authorities control nutrition issues and build a suitable and healthy diet, ensuring essential groups of substances will help athletes improve their training efficiency. health goal achievement.

Thereby, contributing to improving health and helping athletes achieve high results in competition, ensuring adequate nutrition in accordance with the training regimen, will help ensure health and exercise effectiveness.

With the topic Nutrition balance for people practicing sports, it will take place in an estimated time of about 60 minutes, starting from 14:00 on May 26, 2022 at the studio of VTC Digital Television, 23 Lac Trung, Hanoi. The speakers & guests are Dr. BS Truong Hong Son, Director, Vietnam Institute of Applied Medicine and famous sports coaches and athletes.

Interested readers, please keep an eye on VTC News, VTC News Youtube channel and VTC News fanpage.

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