Before secretly getting married, which beauty did Khuong Ngoc date?

The information that Khuong Ngoc was married was revealed a few days ago, surprising the fans. The ceremony took place on May 21 at a resort in Cam Ranh, with only about 20 guests, including very few artists.

Khuong Ngoc announced her lover in September 2021. In the few rare times he shared his girlfriend, the actor born in 1984 gave her many “winged” words. According to Khuong Ngoc, his girlfriend was the one who helped him completely change his personality and have a more objective view of life. He also revealed that he and his lover had a daughter together.

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Khuong Ngoc and his wife on the wedding day.

Before stopping with his current wife, Khuong Ngoc used to be paired with beautiful and talented actresses of Vietnamese showbiz. Up to now, there are people who have been gone forever, who are still single, and even have no intention of not getting married.

The late actress Mai Phuong

Mai Phuong was the first love that Khuong Ngoc made public at a time when both of them were not well known in showbiz. After a while, the couple decided to break up because of incompatibility.

Sharing about the love story with Khuong Ngoc, the late actress Mai Phuong once affirmed: “The story between me and Khuong Ngoc is now in the past. Even though Ngoc and I are no longer together, we are still good friends.”

Before Mai Phuong died from cancer, Khuong Ngoc visited her at the hospital and wrote a post to encourage her old love on her personal page.

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Khuong Ngoc visits Mai Phuong…

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Khuong Ngoc encourages her old love.

Thanh Truc

Khuong Ngoc and Thanh Truc had feelings for each other since the end of 2009 but it was not until 2011 that they officially started dating while filming together Autumn love story.

During their time in love, they received great support from the public and their friends and colleagues because of their match. But the seemingly perfect love affair of Khuong Ngoc and Thanh Truc also ended in 2015.

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The couple once regretted their decision to break up.

Thanh Truc once shared, she was not dismayed when she broke up with Khuong Ngoc: “Khuong Ngoc and I have known each other for 6 years – it’s not a short time, so it’s not right to say goodbye without being sad, but not to the point of crisis. I am a rational person, thinking of others, so I am not weak no matter what happens. Not only that, during the time we got to know each other, we also had many things happen, we also broke up many times. Therefore, breaking up is something that both of us understand and no one blames anyone.”

In an interview in 2021, Thanh Truc said that she had never thought of meeting or working with her ex-lover, but if she did, it would be normal. “Now everyone has a different life, the person they love is also someone else. With my personality, I’m afraid to love each other, if I don’t love each other, I don’t mind anymore.” – the actress confided.

After a deep love affair with Khuong Ngoc, until now, Thanh Truc is still enjoying a single life at the age of 36. Looking at her peers in the same age group, the actress is a bit moved, but she still feels I feel peaceful, comfortable being alone and free to do what I want.

Kha Nhu

In 2015, due to publicly dating Khuong Ngoc after the actor broke up with Thanh Truc not long ago, Kha Nhu was violently “stoned” and was considered a third person.

Before that reaction, Kha Nhu explained: “People only look at the outside, how can they know what’s inside. The audience only knows that Mr. Ngoc and Ms. Truc broke up, but they don’t know since when. Ngoc and I just fell in love, when he broke up with me. I’m not more beautiful than Ms. Truc, why am I brave enough to fight with anyone?”.

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Khuong Ngoc – Kha Nhu in her warm life.

There were many ups and downs when publicizing their relationship, but Khuong Ngoc and Kha Nhu were only together for about a year and then broke up in silence. After this, the couple remained friends. Kha Nhu considers her old love as a soulmate and talks to him a lot about work: “After breaking up, we still asked each other about our careers. To me, Mr. Khuong Ngoc is an elder, an idol. He’s very good, so I ask him everything. He himself reminds me. reminded me to be careful with this and that and advised me”.

Currently Kha Nhu is still single, she even stated that she has no intention of getting married or having a lover: “As did not expect it and Nhu herself did not want to. Nhu’s plan is to live, work and enjoy life in a real way, not just going to work to make money.”

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