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Being ‘temporarily blind’ by the oncoming headlights, the car rushed to the scene of the accident

May 26, 2022 06:38 GMT+7

The headlights of oncoming vehicles sometimes become a nightmare for the driver. Many people were dazzled, lost control of the wheel and caused an accident.

The clip attracted the attention of the online community when recording an image of an accident that occurred at 19:41 on the evening of May 22 on Highway 55, passing through Ham Tan, Binh Thuan province, originating from the oncoming vehicle turning on the lights. phase.

According to the clip, on the dark, wet and rainy road, there are many vehicles participating in traffic. From afar, the glare of the truck’s headlights makes the driver of cars with dashcams limited in visibility.

Although the driver honked the signal, the oncoming vehicle still did not lower the headlights. When just exiting through the light of the headlights of the oncoming car, the scene that appeared in front of the driver’s eyes made everyone shiver.

Right on the roadway, a motorbike that had just been in an accident was lying sideways, fortunately the two motorcyclists were able to avoid close to the roadside. Cars with dash cams, even with a speed of 45km/h, could not stop in time, so they ran over the motorcycle that crashed.

According to the person who shared the clip on social networks, the truck turned on its headlights, making the woman driving the motorbike unable to see the road, so she crashed herself into the roadside railing. Even when stopping, the truck driver did not lower the headlights, causing cars with dashcams to “fly” through the scene of the accident. Fortunately, no one was injured in this traffic accident.

Being 'temporarily blind' by the oncoming headlights, the car rushed to the scene of the accident
Image cut from clip

The clip quickly went viral on social media, attracting tens of thousands of reactions, comments and shares from netizens.

Many people are angry about the truck driver’s sense of traffic when turning on his headlights when meeting oncoming vehicles, and also criticize car drivers with dashcams when they see danger ahead without slowing down. lead to the above situation.

Some comments from netizens:

“I’m nearsighted and astigmatic when I ride a motorbike at night so that the low-light mode can still see the way to go, when there is no car, I turn on the headlights, with the car I lower to the bottom. Those who do not lower the phase when there is a vehicle coming from the opposite direction are people. selfishness, lack of consciousness, lack of culture”;

“Those who turn on the road in crowded places should take away their driver’s license and relearn the law. Teach law, teach skills and also teach driving ethics when taking the test”;

“Being bright is to go at night to see the road clearly on the empty roads and go into the forest, outside the highway but you keep flashing the lights upside down, the car on the opposite side can’t see the road, now the lights are super bright. all LED lights on”;

“It’s their business that their vehicle turns on, if it feels unsafe, stop, but the driver will keep the speed until he sees an obstacle. Heavy trucks are difficult to stop immediately. Luckily, it’s okay.”

Lam Giang; Clip: MXH

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