Brands unlocking the power of co-creation through a new solution on TikTok

Promote collaboration between brands and content creators

TikTok has become the go-to destination for millions of users to get inspired, find new ideas, communities, products and places. Here, content creators are the ones who are ahead of the latest trends. With this in mind, brands are increasingly approaching and collaborating with creators to work together to create engaging content.

To promote this partnership, TikTok officially launches Branded Mission. This is a new form of two-way interaction between brands and creators, allowing the community to participate in creating advertising content, while brands can find emerging creators on the platform. TikTok platform.

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TikTok officially launched the Branded Mission solution

Unleash the power and creativity of co-creation

The most successful brands on TikTok are actively listening and interacting with the user community. As a result, Branded Mission will make it easier for brands to reach users on TikTok by empowering content creators to participate in advertising campaigns, while taking advantage of the spread of brands. Innovators in creating brand buzz.

TikTok is always striving to find innovative solutions to support and bring value to content creators, and provide solutions to measure the performance of brand campaigns, and help brands brand that connects the user community through authentic and relevant content.

With Branded Mission, advertisers can: Engage communities in brand campaigns: Brands can draft a campaign concept brief and send it to creators; empowers participating creators to share their brand’s stories more authentically: TikTok creators decide to join the right campaign and create sample videos. Brands will select the creative videos they love the most and use these videos for their advertising campaigns; Explore the diverse creator ecosystem that is the cultural locomotive on TikTok: Brands now have more opportunities to discover and interact with the talented content creator ecosystem. Creators who are 18 years old and have 1,000 or more followers are eligible to apply for the Branded Mission.

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The brand will provide detailed requirements for creators

Through this solution, TikTok not only enables more creators to participate in the branded content ecosystem, and constantly explores more solutions to create value for established and emerging creators. development on the platform, but also helps TikTok creators and brands discover more collaboration opportunities. Branded Mission is currently in beta testing, available to brands and marketers in multiple markets around the world. Branded Mission will be available in other markets globally by the end of 2022. As a result, TikTok will constantly listen to creators and brands to improve product availability in those markets. to create valuable experiences for the community.


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