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Buying a “super car” by Ha Ho’s mother, Lisa and Leon have heart-stopping expressions

Since Lisa and Leon were born until now, the attraction of the twin boys of the Ho Ngoc Ha – Kim Ly family has never shown any signs of cooling down. The lovely and pretty looks of Lisa and Leon always capture the hearts of many fans. No wonder, the pictures and clips on the personal Instagram pages of Lisa and Leon always receive “storms” of love and fan comments. Seeing two children having fun with each other every day, many people feel like they have been given a “joyful vitamin”.

Recently, the image of Leon and Lisa walking on the campus near the house, shared by Ha Ho’s mother, continues to “cut the hearts” of netizens. Taking advantage of the spacious downstairs playground, the female singer bought a “super car” for her two angels to roll freely. Having been bought a new cabin by their mother, both Lisa and the youngest Leon loved them very much. Second sister Lisa took advantage of “selfie” for a few photos with the new supercar. And looking at Leon, everyone “auto” laughed. Because the guy doesn’t ride, he is carrying the car with the expression “oh why is it so heavy”, trying so hard…

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Lisa took advantage of “selfie” with the supercar.

Leon’s humorous expression when carrying his favorite car.

The twins’ outfit was also noticed by netizens. If Lisa wears a full black tree, a sleeveless shirt looks very active, “kindergarten”, the youngest boy wears a white tree. In addition, Leon was still seriously vindicated by his mother, but still could not hide his bloated belly, making him even more “comedy”.

Kim Ly’s father also followed to take care of 2 children. However, this father “saw the horns” and took Lisa’s supercar, making the little girl dumbfounded, looking at her mother for help. The bewildered expression of the second sister’s words made netizens both cute and funny.

Lisa was stunned when Kim Ly’s father took her car.

The playful moment of Lisa and Leon made netizens “heartbroken” because they were so cute. Looking at the peaceful life of Ha Ho now, many people cannot help but admire.

Since giving birth to two babies, Lisa and Leon, Ho Ngoc Ha has received a lot of attention from the dairy sister association. Many people pay close attention to how she raises her children from taking care of them to the items they use.

The 2 scooters that the singer recently bought for her children belong to the Wenno brand, called Animo. This is a Chinese domestic toy brand for children. Priced at 455,000 VND. The car is made of high-quality materials and the bright colors are easy to attract children.

Buying a

Stroller is an extremely interesting and useful product for the development of children. The car not only helps the baby to be more interested in outdoor activities but also stimulates the physical growth of the baby. When riding, the baby’s legs will work continuously. This helps the children burn energy, the muscles stronger.

This bike is recommended for children aged 1-4 years old. A few other benefits of the stroller are: Give your baby confidence and dynamism; Help your baby love movement. When using a stroller, the baby will learn how to move from one place to another according to his own will and do it by his own strength, mastering the car. Using the car is also an opportunity for children to observe more broadly the things around them to discover and remember, laying the foundation for independent thinking, which is an important factor in both study and work. baby’s future.

Ho Ngoc Ha is really a wise mother of milk. The singer wants to give her children the best, but is not heavy on material values. Kim Ly’s wife said no to branded products for the children, took care of them herself and applied many traditional child care methods.

She invests in toys with many functions so that children can develop comprehensively. The items the singer bought for 2 children are not too expensive, suitable for the pocket of many women.

Buying a
Buying a Khe-ne-vac-chu-khong-di-20220525121222925.chn

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