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Can drinking turmeric instead of breakfast every day lose weight?

Turmeric is not only a popular spice in cooking, recently people have been whispering the secret to losing weight from this root.

Accordingly, women often tell each other to use turmeric every day to both help brighten skin and have a slim waist, by replacing breakfast with a cup of turmeric starch including (2-3 teaspoons of turmeric powder and 250 ml of water). .

In addition, for the first 2 months, about 15 minutes before eating at lunch and dinner, drink a cup of turmeric powder with the same amount as in the morning, and try to reduce the food intake to only about 70 percent compared to the first 2 months. your normal eating level.

From the 3rd month on, it is possible to reduce the amount of turmeric by about 50 percent compared to the beginning of using turmeric to lose weight.

Many women think that if you are obese, you will see a very effective weight loss effect in about 6 months.

So can turmeric actually help with weight loss? According to the National Institute of Nutrition (Ministry of Health), scientists, the ingredient called curcumin present in turmeric is the ingredient that helps prevent the growth of fatty tissues by blocking the growth of blood vessels. new blood, thereby limiting the formation of fatty tissue.

In some other studies, curcumin also helps to reduce the growth of the capillary system in adipose tissue, helping to reduce blood sugar, reduce triglycerides, fatty acids, cholesterol and fat levels in the liver as well. lower than usual.

However, according to Mr. Doctor Nguyen Van Tien – Nutrition Education and Communication Center – National Institute of Nutrition, the principle of weight loss and obesity treatment is to reduce excess body fat by reducing energy intake through diet control. Eat and increase energy expenditure through appropriate physical activity and adequate sleep.

Accordingly, people who want to lose weight should eat many small meals, must eat according to their familiar menu but with reasonable adjustments. If trying to eat a rigid menu completely different from the daily diet can only be applied for a short period of time, because after losing weight it can increase again.

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Notably, people who want to lose weight absolutely must not starve, eat many small meals, each meal with a small amount of food is better than eating a few times but a lot of food. Choose low-calorie foods instead of starving.

“Eat enough protein, vitamins and minerals (the menu must ensure enough meat, fish, vegetables, fruits). Reduce energy-dense foods such as fatty foods, fried, roasted, fried foods, fatty meats, heart, brains, etc. foods rich in sweets such as confectionery, honey, sweetened condensed milk, soft drinks …”, Dr. Nguyen Van Tien stated.

In addition, Dr. Tien also suggested the foods that obese people should eat, including:

Increase foods high in fiber, low in energy to be full (vegetables, low-sweet fruits, fish, tofu, …), fat-free, sugar-free milk is a good food for people who lose weight.

Eat a lot in the morning, at noon and reduce in the evening, the last meal of the day before going to bed at least 3 hours.

Eating the opposite of the process, at meals should eat a lot of vegetables first (soup, boiled vegetables) less sweet fruits, then eat rice, meat, fish, etc.

In addition to a reasonable diet, obese people also need to choose a way to exercise that must be suitable for their health status, interests, economic conditions, and time to ensure the exercise regime. done properly and for a long time.

“The principle of physical activity is from less to more, from light to heavy, practice with increasing intensity at the beginning of the session and gradually decrease at the end of the session, without limiting drinking water during exercise. Each exercise must consume at least 300Kcal (continuous jogging 30-45 minutes, brisk walking 60 minutes, …).

Exercise at least 4-5 times per week. Exercising less than 3 times a week usually does not bring the effect of reducing excess fat, on the contrary, it stimulates digestion and eats better.

In addition, people in general, especially obese people in particular, want to lose weight, they need to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, increase working at home: go to the market, cook, clean the house, etc. near should go by bicycle, reduce the time to sit at the computer, watch TV”, Dr. Van Tien information.

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