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Cao Thai Ha: I don’t want to “view view” with a private life story

Hello Cao Thai Ha, your participation in the film crew “Bao Ngam” caused a big surprise to the audience. What fate brought you to “Underground Storm”?

– I myself was quite surprised when I received an invitation to participate in “Underground Storm”. At that time, I was finishing the last scenes of the movie “Selling Husband”. When I read the script of this movie, I was immediately hooked and felt lucky to have the trust of director Dinh Thai Thuy. The character Ha Lam is a brave and cunning special-duty scout that impressed me. I personally feel a great honor as a Southern actor to cooperate with a crew of veteran actors from the North. So I tried to fulfill my role.

Because the film received a lot of attention, it also attracted mixed public praise and criticism about the action scenes, movie details… How were you affected when you read not so positive comments?

– Actually, up to this point, I myself am quite stable after going through a long journey with art with many ups and downs. Before, I had many emotions, but now I feel very light. In my opinion, the opinion of the audience, whether negative or positive, is also a very good thing for the actor. If there are no negative comments, I will not realize the bad things I need to correct, so that the artistic path becomes more perfect. Right now, I accept everything in a positive way.

Do you watch the movie that is airing?

– It’s a pity because I’m busy with business at the moment, so I can’t watch it live. In my spare time, I will go back to YouTube to watch the audience’s comments and learn from my upcoming roles.

What do you think Ha Lam is similar to you?

– Ha Lam is like me in bravery and strength when facing life’s events. This is an advantage that makes it easier for me to transform into the character.

Did learning martial arts make it difficult for you? How long did it take for you to be confident and fluent with action scenes?

– Before the filming of the film, I was arranged by the film crew to go to Hanoi to learn martial arts first. To have such beautiful scenes, I had to go through quite hard training sessions. My skin is quite thin, so when filming, my limbs are often bruised, bleeding, and scratched when touched. Each of my roles has blood, tears and passion. However, I think it was an interesting and memorable journey.

Can you share about a memorable incident in “Underground Storm”?

– Actors filming have unpredictable risks, sometimes affecting their lives. I have a setting in a mountain top village at the beginning of the movie. To go to that place, I had to ride an off-road motorcycle with very large wheels and very strong shock. I have never ridden a motorbike before, it’s an off-road vehicle, on the road is a cliff on one side, a deep abyss on the other. On the road, I had an incident that the scarf wrapped around the wheel, pulling me down. At that time, I panicked and cried non-stop. I felt like I was standing in the middle of a life-and-death moment. The brothers in the crew had to comfort and encourage me for 30 minutes before I regained my composure and continued to go to the top of the mountain. When I got there, I cried again because I was still scared.

Why don’t you use a stuntman? Is this the director’s request or do you want to do the action scenes yourself?

– In all the action scenes in “Underground Storm”, the crew prepared a cascadeur for me. When I got to the scene, the director just asked me to make facial expressions for the director to close up. The action part will be taken by the cascadeur. However, I think such an angle will not be beautiful, nor will it fully represent the content of the segment. Therefore, I asked the director to let me play for real.

Are you aiming to build the image of “beating women”?

– Actually, I did not set a specific image at all. I myself have never thought that my villain roles are so loved by the audience, nor do I think that I have such a feminine image. I think, each character is an opportunity that I accept. I just know that, I will always try 200% to do my role well.

Hai Trieu is an underground scout, often risking his life, and has no time for his girlfriend. If in real life, would you fall in love with such a person?

– I am someone who puts my feelings first. I don’t care what the other party does. The important thing is that I love and have feelings, then I will accompany that person.

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