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Children with these 3 characteristics are intelligent but difficult to ‘become a dragon into a phoenix’

The president of Tsinghua University said: “There are some children who seem smart, but most of their later life will be difficult to become talented.

Success has many definitions, but most of them think that success is related to fame and fortune. Every parent wants their child to become a dragon and phoenix in the future.

Some children show intelligence from a young age, but later life goes against what their parents expect.

Xiaodong has been a gentle, shy child since childhood. When other children were playing outside, he was always clinging to his mother.

When he reached school age, he listened to his parents, teachers, and studied hard. This led everyone to believe that the boy would definitely have a bright future.

During his school years, he always maintained his achievements, smoothly passed the university.

Unexpectedly, after Xiaodong graduated from university, he encountered many obstacles when finding a job. He couldn’t stand the pressure at work, so he quickly switched jobs to many places.

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Other people of the same age started their own businesses, wandering around, Xiaodong didn’t even dare to think about it. He goes to work for exactly 8 hours a day, has moved from many companies for 3 years, has never been stable at any place for more than 6 months.

At this time, Xiaodong’s parents began to worry, they thought that their son would get such good grades in the future, but did not expect his life to be so precarious.

In this regard, the former president of Tsinghua University (China) – Mr. Tran Cat Minh once said: “There are some children who seem smart, but most of their later life will be difficult to be talented, Parents should not be in a hurry to rejoice.”

The children are too exemplary

Some children have been praised by their elders since childhood, they are also exemplary students in the eyes of others, rarely making mistakes.

However, most of these children are dull and introverted, afraid to communicate with others even if they have their own opinions.

Such children will have trouble with interpersonal relationships after they step out into society in the future, they will find it difficult to reach the heights people expect in their careers.

Such children are usually the type with high IQ but low emotional quotient. Meanwhile, to be successful, a person needs to meet both IQ and EQ, these two factors are closely related.

Children are not independent

Many families want their children to just focus on studying, other things are taken care of by their parents. Before the exam, the parents transformed into “full-time nannies”, attentive to each meal for their children.

However, most children raised in this environment are not able to take care of themselves, being dependent on their parents. After stepping out into society, they will find it difficult to cope with difficulties and challenges.

Children rely too much on their parents

Many families today have very few children, so children are considered treasures in the house. Parents naturally become the servants of everything for their children. Whatever happens, children call their parents to help them.

Such children easily form a “talking without doing” personality, later growing up also need parental supervision to complete everything, difficult to achieve great achievements in life.

Each child has his or her own personality and abilities. As parents, we should do our best to discover children’s potential, cultivate interests according to their personality, instead of just emphasizing learning.

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