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“Dad, I’m not crazy, I just love people of the same sex”

I am young but have experienced my first love, there will be nothing to say if I am not gay.

I am the only grandchild of the family, and my parents are only girls. I have a younger brother, the whole family lives the old way of life, does not expand or learn more outside, does not have a positive view of homosexuals.

I didn’t think I was gay until I met and fell in love with a classmate. At that time, my emotions were so strong, I realized that I really liked girls, not normal like many other girls. I like to play sports, don’t like dresses, skirts, very personal. In 2020, I met a female friend a year older than me. I like you and have been chasing for a year, that’s the first time I persistently pursued someone. You are very special. After that, we became a couple, and that’s when the storm started.

>> I suffer because I am involved in gay love

On the occasion of April 30, I invited my friends to my hometown to play, thinking that everything would be fine, who would have thought that my mother found out about our love story. After that, my mother took my phone, forbade me to go out, stopped going to school, and said she would take me to the hospital for psychological treatment. I’m completely broken, I’m normal, there’s nothing out of the ordinary, why would mom say that? My mother beat me, used harsh words to curse me. My father also beat me a lot. I cried until my tears ran out, begging my parents not to hit me anymore. My father said a sentence that I will never forget: “There is no one like you in this family, if you are like that, then get out of my house”. After listening to that sentence, I was lost, the person who gave birth to me died from my face. I cried until exhausted and no one cared, they locked and beat me, scared me.

I miss the person I love so I have to listen to my parents and pretend to be normal. When I went to school to meet her, I didn’t dare say anything. I pretended to be a meek girl in front of my family. In the end, she left me without a word, leaving me with thousands of fears and obsessions. You’ve been gone for 10 days, my grandmother also passed away, at that time I completely broke down, using all my remaining strength to fight what was happening. I live in obsession because my family does not accept my love story, thinking about being beaten is really scary. Since then, I have not dared to express my feelings. I want to be free, loved and protected. “Dad, I’m not crazy, I just love people of the same sex.”


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