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Dismantling the line of more than 10 billion transactions

Previously, through the work of understanding the situation of the area, Quy Hop district police discovered a gambling ring and organized gambling in the form of recording lot numbers, number of topics with many participants.

The leader of this gambling line is Hoang Thi Hai Yen (SN 1995, residing in Minh Hop commune, Quy Hop district).

Breaking down the line of transactions with more than 10 billion dong - Photo 1.

The gamblers are detained by the police

Effective support for Yen is also Manh Thi Thu Hang (born in 1989, residing in Nghia Xuan commune, Quy Hop district). Hang was hired by Yen and assigned the direct job of dealing with gambling objects, gathering, making statistics of books, sharing ratio…

In order to avoid detection by the authorities, the gamblers in the line have very sophisticated tricks when they often use smartphones and social networking applications to participate in gambling.

After nearly 10 months of establishing a special case, collecting documents and evidence, at 4:00 p.m. on May 23 in Nghia Xuan and Minh Hop communes of Quy Hop district, Nghia Hung and Nghia Hieu communes of Nghia Dan district, district police. Quy Hop successfully cracked the case, removed this gambling line, arrested 11 subjects including 7 women, 4 men, aged 27-65.

Breaking down the transaction of more than 10 billion dong - Photo 2.

Exhibits are confiscated and seized by the police

Initially, the project committee proved that the amount of money used by the subjects to gamble on May 22 was nearly 1 billion VND. Particularly from May 1, 2022 until being arrested, the amount of money involved in gambling amounted to more than 10 billion VND.

The police agency also confiscated and temporarily seized project evidence including: 25 cell phones, 7 notebooks with batch numbers and subject numbers, 3 fact books with a total value of nearly 1.5 billion VND, and 2 motorbikes. auto and more than 370 million dong in cash.

Currently, the project is continuing to be investigated and expanded.

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