Doctor shocked by the income of 8 million/month, what does the Director of Hanoi National University say?

This lecturer said that he has entered the official payroll and has studied for many years and has a foreign doctorate degree.

“My income at the school is calculated by the salary coefficient (3.00×1.49 million VND) plus a monthly allowance including lunch, gas, … about 4 million more. Thus, the income of a doctor is only about 8 million VND.

According to this lecturer, annual income can also be increased by being assigned scientific research projects, the most basic of which is grassroots research with the level of 25-30 million VND/topic/year.

“However, that is only the theoretical amount, but in reality, the management fee of the school must be deducted, the board’s acceptance fee, etc. And not everyone can do it. The number of topics is limited, so in the faculty, everyone looks at each other like “this year is okay, next year will give it to someone else”.

In addition, the income level can also be increased if the number of teaching hours is exceeded.

“But this amount is only calculated at the end of the year. As a rule, every year like me, I have to teach 270 hours to receive the above salary. At the end of the year, if 270 lessons are exceeded, they will be paid more for the excess amount. However, the cost for each “overtime” period is 100,000 VND/class. The amount of money is not much, if not low, it is not worth the effort, gasoline and car travel.”

According to his calculations, the income from the number of over-teaching periods is only about 1-2 million more per month, the total income can reach 10 million. If you only teach enough lessons, your income will fluctuate around 8 million VND/month.

“Even though I don’t expect too much because I know the state mechanism, I don’t think so low. Bringing a boring doctoral study abroad, but earning about 10 million. With such an income, it is difficult to have money for normal daily living, let alone scientific research.

Many other lecturers also have to work outside a lot, but I just got back, so it’s difficult.”

The income is not high, so this lecturer said that he did not dare to rent a house near the school, the time that could have been spent on scientific research, he had to go out to teach extra lessons for high school students.

“Honestly, every day I teach a night shift (from 1.5 to 2 hours) from Monday to Friday, every month, I earn more than my income at school.”

Doctor shocked by the income of 8 million/month, what does the Director of Hanoi National University say?  - first

The salary level of lecturers and doctors shocks many people. (Illustration)

Previously, on the VietPhD forum, there was a story about “top university lecturers with a salary of 7 million”. The poster claimed to be a lecturer at a school under the Hanoi National University system.

“I’ve been working for ten years, but my salary is now more than 7 million” – this account writes.

“Having a reputation for working for a top university in Vietnam, but the salary is lower than the bricklayer and the delivery man. Many of our teachers have to do side jobs to earn enough money to live. The job must teach enough hours to complete the task. For the past few years, our field has not had students, so there is no teaching time, we have to do all kinds of things in heaven and on earth to make up for time, and there is not much time for scientific research.

This lecturer shared that he was very sad and wished that the authorities would pay more attention to the lecturer’s life, in the context of increasing prices.

What did the President of Hanoi National University say?

In this regard, an official of the Hanoi National University office said that it is also necessary to clearly define, salary and actual income received.

“The spirit of Hanoi National University wants to motivate staff and lecturers to work. If you follow the general salary system, there are also shortcomings. However, the current income depends on the unit. There are units of income that add a lot.” this one said.

“I believe that if the total income of a lecturer with a doctorate degree, if you work for ten years, it is not possible that the income level is more than 7 million”, this one said.

However, this person also said, Hanoi National University will review, if there is such a phenomenon, will consult with affiliated units to make adjustments to the remuneration regime if appropriate.

Immediately after grasping the information, Prof. Le Quan, Director of Hanoi National University said, will check and review these feedbacks. Because, according to Mr. Quan, currently the number of newly recruited lecturers is nearly 200 PhDs with an average income of about 15-30 million VND.

“If only salary, then a PhD with a salary coefficient of 3.0 times the base salary, plus the school’s monthly allowance is about 7-8 million. However, the salary only accounts for less than 50% of the school’s teachers’ income.

In addition, according to Mr. Quan, Hanoi National University Admissions new to 11,000 students each year. Therefore, it is very unlikely that the lecturer will not have time to teach.

Talking about the income of lecturers at universities under the Hanoi National University system, according to Mr. Quan, only the University of Medicine and Pharmacy – Hanoi National University is newly established, there are few students so the income is low. of the lowest faculty.

With doctoral degree lecturers, University of Technology reports an average income of over 30 million VND, Vietnam Japan University guarantees over 25 million VND, International School over 30 million VND, University of Education The army is about 16 million VND and the University of Social Sciences and Humanities is also not low,…

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