Dong Nai recorded more than 2,200 cases and 2 deaths from dengue fever

Dengue fever patients are treated at Thong Nhat General Hospital.

Dengue fever cases increase rapidly

In just a short time, from the beginning of April, the Department of Tropical Diseases, Thong Nhat General Hospital recorded 200 patients for treatment. dengue. According to BSCKI. Bui Thi Nhung, Department of Tropical Diseases, this is a relatively large number when the rainy season has just begun.

The department collects and treats patients from the communes and wards of the city. Bien Hoa and cases transferred from lower levels. Most of the hospitalized patients have warning signs such as bleeding teeth, nose bleeds, fatigue, most patients are admitted to the hospital on the 4th day of illness.

Typically, a patient with NTH (28 years old, residing in Suoi Trau commune, Trang Bom district) has been hospitalized for 4 days and is now stable, but the white blood cell count is still high, so the patient has to stay. hospital for further follow-up.

“Before being admitted to the hospital, I had a fever for 3 consecutive days. I took fever-reducing medicine by myself. Although it was low, I had vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding from my teeth and nose. I was tired and just wanted to lie down. When I went to the hospital, I found out that it was dengue fever” – patient H. shared.

Or the case of a NVT patient (40 years old, residing in Bien Hoa City) with chronic kidney disease undergoing cyclic dialysis at the Department of Internal Medicine and also had to be hospitalized due to Dengue 1 hemorrhagic fever.

The patient was admitted to the hospital with low blood pressure and low blood indicators. The Department of Tropical Diseases treated as a case of hemorrhagic fever, performed a blood transfusion, after being temporarily stable, the patient was transferred to Cho Ray Hospital for further monitoring. This is a serious case because the patient has an underlying disease.

People need to be proactive in disease prevention

BSCKI. Phan Van Phuc, Head of the Department of Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, Center for Disease Control of Dong Nai Province, said: “This year, it is forecasted that the outbreak of dengue fever will return. In addition, this disease is circulating. In some areas, two strains of DEN-1 and DEN-2 were detected at the same time through the monitoring system. This means that many severe cases will be recorded. This year, the number of recorded cases is equal to the same period in 2021.”

According to the dengue surveillance report of the Pasteur Institute of Ho Chi Minh City in Tan Phu district, so far, Tan Phu district has recorded the lowest cases of Dong Nai province, but by 2021, the number of cases will be signs increase and increased sharply. The locality has taken timely actions to handle it, but it is still limited and not commensurate with the scale of the epidemic. Dengue fever here is increasing continuously and shows no sign of abating.

Only in week 18, Tan Phu district recorded 334 dengue cases, including 10 severe cases and 1 death (Phu Dien commune). Compared to the same period in 2021, the number of dengue fever cases increased by 142%. The number of cases is mainly concentrated in Phu Son commune (74 cases), Phu Trung commune (61 cases)… Particularly in Phu Son commune, the number of cases has increased since April and also showed signs of increasing and spreading throughout April/April. 4 hamlets.

The results of the field investigation show that: The tools with the larva are mainly waste, potted plants around the house. In the area of ​​households, there are gardens with perennial plants and many water containers that are not collected and treated.

To prevent the disease, the health sector recommends: Each citizen needs to actively protect themselves and their loved ones by killing mosquitoes and limiting the mosquito’s living environment, such as covering all water containers so that mosquitoes do not to lay eggs. Carry out regular measures to kill larvae by placing fish in large containers of water; wash small and medium-sized water containers such as bowls, vases, water trays of refrigerators or air conditioners, drains, livestock/poultry troughs, bonsai tanks… Sleep under curtains, put on clothes long room for mosquito bites even during the day. Limit hanging clothes in the house.

“Without mosquitoes and mosquito larvae, there is no dengue fever. Therefore, people need to take prevention measures and coordinate with the Health sector in spraying insecticides to kill mosquitoes. When signs are detected Symptoms of dengue fever need to go to a medical facility immediately for examination and treatment advice,” emphasized Dr.

According to Mai Lien

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