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FPT demonstrates metaverse solution

At the DX Summit event on May 25, FPT introduced the akaVerse solution, which applies 3D and VR/AR imaging technology to enhance interaction in the virtual world.

According to Nguyen Van Khoa, Chairman of the Association of Software and IT Services (Vinasa), the technology world needs to promote new trends such as AI, blockchain, and metaverse to serve the domestic digital transformation.

At the DX Summit Digital Transformation Forum in Hanoi, FPT demonstrated its digital transformation ecosystem, including the akaVerse solution. This is a software solution that improves user experience through 3D, VR/AR technologies…

“akaVerse not only changes the way businesses and users interact with each other in the metaverse trend, but also solves the problem of physical limitations in real life, such as space, contact, movement…”, representative FPT Software, the developer of akaVerse, said. “Increasing the product viewing experience, as well as cross-platform interaction, will help customers have more unique and creative experiences, thereby helping businesses increase purchase rates.”

A person wearing VR glasses experiences the virtual world created by akaVerse.

A person wearing VR glasses experiences the virtual world created by akaVerse.

akaVerse allows creating virtual spaces to display and demonstrate products, expanding accessibility to people who are geographically restricted. The Virtual Shopping feature supports building a virtual store to experience products in 3D and shop in a near-realistic simulated space. The system also provides a tool to digitize physical objects into 3D, helping to preserve real-life products in the digital space.

A representative of FPT Software revealed that the company is supporting a Japanese electronics manufacturer to build the first virtual store in Vietnam, which can interact on most platforms, from VR glasses to phones. computer. Users can view products in 3D, “drop” products into the environment using AR augmented reality technology, shop or watch product demonstrations in virtual reality space… akaVerse is also working. support a domestic bank to enter the metaverse by building a space to showcase the bank’s products and services visually.

Previously, FPT has also shown its leading role in digital transformation in many projects in the fields of finance – banking, real estate, etc. In 2021, the corporation shakes hands with the Base corporate governance platform. .vn with the goal of “making products that can compete fairly with the world, contributing to promoting national digital transformation”.

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