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French Air Force dangerous provocation aimed at Russian military aircraft

May 26, 2022 08:45 GMT+7

According to Avia.pro, the French Air Force recently carried out a provocation with a Russian military aircraft.

Specifically, according to the source, the An-22 Antey military transport aircraft and the Tu-134AK aircraft were identified to be operated by the Russian air force. However, two Mirage 2000-5F fighters of the French Air Force dangerously approached the Russian aircraft and escorted them for a long time without clear notice.

On the video taken by the pilot of the French Mirage 2000-5F fighter jet, it can be seen that the approach to the Russian plane is only a few hundred meters. Although both sides were easily identifiable, the French fighter jet followed the Russian plane for about 100 km. The defense ministries of the two countries have so far not commented on the incident.

According to experts, in the context that relations between Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have cooled, such actions of the French pilots are clearly provocative, even though the pilots of the French pilots. The French Mirage 2000-5F fighter aircraft did not show “aggression” towards Russian aircraft.

NATO did not comment on the reasons for the strange behavior regarding two Russian planes believed to be in neutral airspace over the Baltic Sea.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has repeatedly stated that its aircraft always strictly adhere to international rules for the use of airspace over neutral waters without violating the borders of other countries.

Earlier, on May 14, citing a source from the Baltic Sea fleet, Russian Su-27 fighter jets participated in drills to prevent a simulated air raid on Russia’s Kaliningrad region.

The exercise comes two days after Finland announced its plan to join NATO, and Sweden is likely to do the same.

The press service of Russia’s Baltic Sea fleet said that the Su-27 fighters “destroyed” the opponent’s aircraft during the exercise.

In addition, on April 30, the Swedish Air Force also accused the Russian An-30 aircraft of violating the airspace of the Nordic country on April 29.

“A Russian An-30 aircraft violated Swedish airspace. The plane flew east of Bornholm in the Baltic region and then headed straight for Swedish territory, then entered Swedish airspace and left,” the statement said.

Sweden said that its fighters monitored the situation and took pictures of the An-30.

Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde later tweeted that Russia’s move was “unacceptable and Sweden’s territorial integrity should be respected”.

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