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Great lesson not only about money

Not long ago, the news that a couple of migrant workers in Shanghai in 5 years saved 1 million yuan (about 3.4 billion) received a lot of attention from netizens. In one program, the wife recounted the process of saving money of the two of them. For example, the husband will maintain and change the oil for the car by himself, saving a lot of money compared to going to the shop. And she herself didn’t go to the barber shop in two years, bought 5 white T-shirts of the same style and wore them almost every day.

Another example of food, they just choose to stock up on some foods that have a long shelf life. By this way of saving, if normally it would cost 50,000 yuan (about 173 million) per year for food to be stocked, then the cost is only about 20,000 yuan (about 70 million), saving 30,000 yuan (103 million). Such is life for the couple. Spend what should be spent, save what should be saved and careful planning for life will allow them to know how to spend their money.

The 5-year-old couple saved more than 3.4 billion: A great lesson not only about money - Photo 1.

The wife shares about the couple’s frugal life

Immediately, the wife’s shares received many controversial comments such as:

“Living so frugally, you can only save 1 million yuan?”

“The cost of living saved in this couple’s style is on par with the cost of a normal family.”

“The type of thrift that seems to work, but it doesn’t work at all.”

After that, the wife also spoke on her social networking site that: “I don’t care about other people’s opinions. That is the life my husband and I choose. As for you, just live a life that suits you, because life is yours.”

I once heard a story. A couple has a very happy married life, but since attending a class meeting, their relationship has broken down again. At the party, the wife saw some classmates who used to get bad grades, but now they are doing better than her. Mercedes-Benz and BMW drivers, who own lots of real estate, some of whom have children in key schools.

After the party, the wife started comparing and she felt that other people’s lives were rich and full of hope, while her own life was as dull as boiling water. So she started nagging that her husband was unmotivated, couldn’t make a lot of money, couldn’t buy a big house and couldn’t drive a nice car. One night, she even threw a pillow at her husband while scolding, and their relationship finally reached its limit.

Until one day, when the wife was on her way home from work, she saw a classmate driving a BMW to the party, she wanted to say hello but saw that the other friend was dragging a child with a birth defect. A classmate told his wife, “I really envy you, your thoughtful husband and smart kids. If given the opportunity, I would give all that money in exchange for the normal health of my baby.” At this time, she understood that when she was jealous of others, she was the object of many people’s envy.

The 5-year-old couple saved more than 3.4 billion: A great lesson not only about money - Photo 2.

Thus, only by shielding the interference of negative external energy can we focus on implementing more important plans in life. If you pay too much attention to your surroundings, you will only get emptiness and exhaustion, further and further away from your goal. Only when we know how to selectively filter complex information and allow ourselves time to think clearly, can we truly have a life of our own.

A study in the United States found that a person receives 34G of information per day, which is 1/6 of the information that can be processed in a lifetime. In other words, we are exposed to too much information every day, and it is not helpful or even harmful. The brain’s capacity is limited, the absorption of memory information is also limited, when we feel a headache, it is because we are not strong enough to filter invalid information, and the brain does not have enough energy and ability. valid information processing.

Therefore, information should be filtered, what should be forgotten, should be forgotten. Learn how to block ineffective social interactions, ignore the lives of others, and know how to filter negative information to have more time to improve yourself.

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