Harvard graduate girl “engaged” in the field of music technology

Discover the potential “promised land” of creativity and music

Amanotes was founded in 2014, with the mission of bringing interactive music to users, Amanotes creates a competitive edge by focusing on difference, building music-rich applications. Many Amanotes products are in the top global downloads of both Google Play and App Store such as Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, Dacing Road… After 8 years, from a start-up, Amanotes is asserting its position as a company. leading interactive music technology in the region and the world.

With the vision of “Everyone can Music” – Everyone can interact with music, Amanotes not only brings products to users, but also brings those things into the process of building corporate culture, watching music. are core values ​​and make music part of the company’s DNA.

The Harvard graduate

Amanotes employees are encouraged to learn, play musical instruments, participate in internal music events as well as enjoy many music-related benefits…

Combining both the development potential and the unique company culture, it is not surprising that Amanotes has become the “promised land” of many young, talented, passionate people about technology and music, including Huynh Vu. Linh Da. Before joining Amanotes to hold the position of Director of Corporate Strategy, Linh Da had “battled” through many large global companies and corporations. She was once known for the position of the youngest Sourcing Manager at IKEA Global (Sweden) and was also one of the few Vietnamese people to be admitted to Boston Consulting Group US (BCG).

Linh Da shared, after working in many big companies around the world, she began to think more about the next step in her career. She wishes to be able to seek opportunities to develop together with young businesses with great potential for development. In July 2021, Linh Da officially became an Amanter. This turn creates a big “turning point” for Linh Da after a period of research and comprehensive assessment of the development potential of Amanotes.

A gathering place for people who dare to challenge and constantly develop themselves

From the perspective of someone who has experienced many leadership positions from a very early age, Linh Da evaluates Amanotes as a business with great potential for future growth, especially when the company has an impressive long-term strategy. After 8 years of operation, Amanotes has reached more than 2 billion downloads worldwide, and achieved many impressive titles: Top 1 in the world of music game publishers, Top 1 in Southeast Asia for app publishers. Mobile, Vietnam’s leading IT company in 2022 according to ITViec…

The Harvard graduate

Huynh Vu Linh Da, Director of Corporate Strategy of Amanotes has spent many years “fighting” in many large companies and corporations around the world.

Not only based on the assessment of the company’s development level in the future, sharing more about the reason for choosing to accompany Amanotes, Linh Da said that it is the culture that values ​​music and the environment that encourages and respects the Creativity inspired her.

“The market of Amanotes is still very large, this is both a challenge and an opportunity for me to have a lot of land to “use martial arts”. At the same time, I realize the foresight, great but completely feasible ambition of the founders. With every day immersing in a work space rich in “music”, dedication with colleagues who share the same passion, all give me confidence that I have chosen the right place to experience, accumulate more experience for the journey. the next way,” Linh Da shared.

After 1 year of working, Linh Da has really found an abundant source of inspiration for her work every day. In the position of Director of Corporate Strategy, Linh Da offers investment promotion projects to improve the ability to develop and publish music technology applications, beyond the scope of game publishing, and to bring recommendations on the strategic focus of development, improvement of key competencies and competitive strengths of Amanotes. Along with the proposals to improve the company’s development capacity, Linh Da is gradually establishing a governance foundation commensurate with the size of a multi-industry company, with a vision to create an interactive music ecosystem. for future Amanotes.

Perhaps for Linh Da, the decision to turn to Amanotes is still bringing her many experiences and expected achievements. From another angle, it is Linh Da and other talents who are also the driving force for Amanotes to constantly innovate and strengthen its position with a suitable working environment for young people who dare to dream and explore. same love for music.


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