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How far can electric cars wade?

VinFast e34 can wade through water up to one meter in about 30 minutes, like the American electric car Tesla Model 3.

Around the world, electric vehicles often have ingress protection for electrical equipment according to IP65-IP67 standards, depending on the type of vehicle. IP (Ingress Protection) represents protection from two elements: dust and water. The higher the index, the better the resistance to dust and water.

IP65 has a degree of protection against direct low-pressure water jets (6.3 mm diameter faucet) from any angle. IP66 offers a higher level of protection, against direct water jets at higher pressure (12.5 mm diameter faucet) and also from any angle.

IP67 again allows the vehicle to be submerged in water up to one meter high for up to 30 minutes without affecting the system.

With the e34 electric car model of Vietnamese car company VinFast, information on the company’s website shows that the car has an IP67 level of protection. This parameter is similar to the American electric car, the Tesla Model 3, or some other electric cars such as the MG ZS EV or the Hyundai Kona EV.

Recently, the image of electric cars running through flooded roads while internal combustion engine cars stand in battle can make many people question why electric vehicles have such outstanding capabilities. position. The main reason is the characteristic difference between the two sides.

Gasoline or diesel cars have many mechanical details, with parts that are “sensitive” to water such as air intakes and exhaust pipes. When water through these open necks enters the engine, it will cause stalling, bending, and broken arm, causing great losses. One of the most serious damage when a vehicle is submerged in water is a water attack – a severe form of damage to the internal combustion engine. And engine repair is also a leading expense when using a car.

Meanwhile, electric cars have no engine but use an electric motor – a device with a simpler structure than an internal combustion engine. Both the motor and the battery pack are housed in a sealed box with the same degrees of protection as stated, so they are not affected by water. The battery block is also insulated from the rest of the vehicle.

However, it is not possible to be subjective when driving an electric vehicle, because an electric vehicle is not a boat, which means it is not designed to swim. Drivers are always advised not to drive through flooded areas for a variety of reasons, especially when the water level can rise further, rendering the vehicle immobile, even being swept away, and the occupants of the vehicle. dangerous to life. In addition, it is difficult to determine the depth of the flooded area, so it is impossible to be sure whether the water level is within the safe limits of the vehicle.

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