Hung Thinh Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Viettel Group

According to the agreement, Hung Thinh Corporation will prioritize using solutions to support business management, business and smart urban solutions developed by Viettel.

Hung Thinh Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Viettel Group - 1

Mr. Le Nguyen Hoang Minh – General Director of Hung Thinh Innovation (left) and Mr. Nguyen Manh Ho – General Director of Viettel Business Solutions Corporation signed a cooperation agreement under the witness of leaders of the two sides.

Specifically, Viettel’s business and business management support package integrates many sets of solutions, supporting the business management and operation process of enterprises to become simple, modern and fast, including: Omni-channel customer care (Omni Contact Center), brand management solutions (Reputa), data warehouse solutions and intelligent management reports (BI), electronic office solutions, electronic documents (voffice, e-contract), e-invoice, CA digital signature…

Particularly, the smart urban solution solution is “made by Viettel” separately for each urban area of ​​Hung Thinh, instead of the “uniform” solution, mass-market. This set of solutions includes: centralized operating center (IOC – Intelligent Operation Center), smart building operation (Smart Buliding), smart home, smart lighting, security monitoring, environmental monitoring, fire protection monitoring, Wifi Marketing, remote data collection (AMR – Automatic Meter Reading) for water meters, electricity meters, interactive software between management and residents.

In addition, Hung Thinh also prioritizes using many other solutions of Viettel such as: telecommunications infrastructure services, online payment services, information security solutions, cloud computing infrastructure, delivery services. …

The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation is the first step for long-term cooperation, supporting and promoting the advantages of Viettel and Hung Thinh to bring the best business performance, contribute more to socio-economic development. festival.

The event is also an important milestone for Hung Thinh Corporation in its journey to bring projects to the international level, improving competitiveness in the face of the growing global digital transformation trend.

Hung Thinh Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Viettel Group - 2

Projects of Hung Thinh Group, including MerryLand Quy Nhon, will apply the technology the most modern of Viettel.

Immediately after the cooperation is signed, it is expected that the specific implementation will be carried out at MerryLand Quy Nhon, located on Hai Giang peninsula with a total investment capital of phase I of more than 2 billion USD, with a scale of 695 hectares.

Through the strategic cooperation agreement with Viettel, MerryLand Quy Nhon will be able to apply smart technology to the living – resort – business space. In particular, the Canal District subdivision with the breakthrough real estate Bizhouse type will have access to modern business solutions, helping owners to easily operate and manage the store, bringing a new and convenient experience. beneficial to visitors.

On the side of Viettel, this Group will give priority to introducing officers and employees as well as customers and partners with programs, product preferential policies, real estate product business cooperation policies and other related services. other services provided by Hung Thinh. At the same time, Viettel also prioritizes using Hung Thinh’s products for welfare policies and employee welfare funds.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Truong Van Viet – Vice Chairman of Hung Thinh Corporation, said:Based on the strengths of the two sides, through this cooperation, Viettel’s digital services and technology solutions will soon be present in projects implemented by Hung Thinh Corporation, bringing real estate products with high quality. outstanding quality, increase experience as well as operational efficiency, and contribute to creating a prosperous community.

Today’s strategic cooperation signing ceremony will also be the foundation to open up more open cooperation opportunities, in fields where the two sides have solid strengths, such as real estate, construction, technology, infrastructure. infrastructure, telecommunications, digital services… and many other fields in the future“.

On the side of Viettel, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam – Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy General Director of Military Industry – Telecommunications Group (Viettel) expressed:Realizing many similarities between the ambitions and aspirations of Vietnamese businesses, by the cooperation agreement between Viettel and Hung Thinh Corporation signed today, I fully believe that this cooperation will go deep into the future. In fact, increasing synergies in the digital transformation between the two groups, on the basis of exploiting the strengths of the two sides’ resources.

Viettel is committed to accompanying Hung Thinh Corporation in the digital transformation process to accelerate to the finish line as soon as possible, with the most preferential cost. Besides, I also believe that this cooperation will bring success to the two groups, benefits to customers and employees of the parties as well as contribute to the construction and development of the country.“.

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Representatives of the two groups at the strategic cooperation signing ceremony on the afternoon of May 25 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Military Industry-Telecommunications Group (Viettel) is a 100% State-owned enterprise, leading in telecommunications and high-tech industry in Vietnam. Viettel owns the number 1 brand value in the country and the Top 250 largest brands in the world.

The fields Viettel is doing business in include: telecommunications; information technology solutions and digital services; research on high-tech industrial production; delivery, logistics and trade. After more than 3 decades of development, Viettel is operating and doing business in 11 countries around the world stretching from Asia, America, and Africa.

Hung Thinh Group is one of the leading private economic groups revolving around the core field of real estate. After 20 years of development, Hung Thinh Corporation has provided market More than 30,000 products, creating a settlement for the community. The enterprise currently owns and develops 56 diverse projects of real quality and value, spread across provinces and cities across the country, with a land bank of more than 3,300 hectares in strategic locations, serving more than 100,000 client.

The year 2022 marks a new phase of Hung Thinh, when the Group officially enters the realm of high-end real estate, builds large-scale, world-class projects, continues to carry out its mission creating prosperous and sustainable communities.

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