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Husband “bored with rice and craving for pho” has an affair, a wife who does these 3 things makes her husband not come back

Treachery, the deception of the person who once loved, each head hugging the pillow probably will not be accepted by any woman. When it comes to her husband’s adultery, women are often extremely angry and disgruntled. They can’t help but calm down.

However, psychologist Tue An said that the common psychology of women when they discover that their husbands have cheated and betrayed are often angry and make a fuss. There are people who hold grudges, doing things that harm the body and mind not only of the other half but also of themselves. But nothing is naturally born and lost, just like “without fire, there is smoke”. At this point, don’t make a fuss. You should go back and see if you yourself have made these mistakes. Because If you continue to do this, it will make the adulterous husband not come back:

Ask your husband to return immediately

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Most women, when they find out that their husband is “bored of rice and craving for pho” having an affair, want him to immediately terminate the relationship with that third person and return immediately. Women often never think that it is necessary to find the root cause of the problem so that both of them can fix it. When the man returns, the marriage begins for the better. Asking her husband to return immediately, being too demanding, makes women even more frustrated. The general mentality is that a man who has committed an affair will not return immediately and always if women only use force to coerce and order them.

Refusing to change

Infidelity has many causes, but it is not by accident that the husband finds a third person. The cause will come from the marriage of both. Women want their husbands to come back and give up the 3rd person without changing themselves, realize their own imperfections to modify and renew the relationship when returning is still easy to “get used to the road”. old.” The final ending is separation in tears and regret.

No action

Besides the women, when they see their husbands having an affair, they make a fuss, so some people just suffer and cry. They want to heal, her husband turns around but tells them to change first, find the root causes of the problem and fix it from their own marriage, but they don’t do it. They procrastinate, blame, whine and just resent their partner. It is this delay that will make women tired, and marriage will soon come to a dead end. Therefore, act wisely.

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