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Increase train ticket price to Ly Son island

Quang NgaiTrain fares from the mainland to Ly Son increased to 213,000 VND per ticket, 195,000 VND in the opposite direction, an increase of 35,000 VND.

On May 26, the Quang Ngai Department of Transport said that it has allowed high-speed train businesses to apply the new fares. Specifically, tickets from the mainland to Ly Son, from 178,000 VND to 213,000 VND per ticket and the opposite way 140,000 VND-160,000 VND increased to 195,000 VND per ticket.

Speedboat from Sa Ky to Ly Son island.  Photo: Pham Linh

Speedboat from Sa Ky to Ly Son island. Image: Pham Linh

Mr. Vo Phien, deputy director of the Quang Ngai Department of Transport, said that the adjustment of train fares was based on the fare declaration records of four transport companies on the Sa Ky – Ly Son route. According to businesses, the price of gasoline has increased, so if the ticket price is not increased, it will be at a loss.

The authorities and people of Ly Son island district are not satisfied with this price increase. Mr. Dang Tan Thanh, Vice Chairman of the District People’s Committee, said the ticket price is quite high this time, which will affect the travel, business, study, examination and treatment of Ly Son islanders. “In previous years, the locality had petitioned every time the train ticket price increased, but the Department of Transport said that the price increase was calculated in accordance with the business plan of the business,” Mr. Thanh said.

The Sa Ky – Ly Son route is the main waterway transport route to Ly Son island – the frontline island of Quang Ngai, the home of the Hoang Sa Squadron, a highlight on the tourist map in recent years with hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. five.

With 6 speedboats carrying passengers from 140-240 people each, the service also plays a big role in developing tourism in the island. Many business owners in Ly Son worry that the increase in train fares will reduce the number of visitors to the island.

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