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Is it because she was sexually harassed that she couldn’t “climax” when she was close to her husband?

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Master, Doctor Phan Bich Thuy


Thank you for your trust to share and ask a delicate question! I do not rule out that you have a psychological trauma from puberty that leads to “not reaching the top” in sex. However, I must also tell you that the number of sisters who have problems like you is not small. Let’s talk about how to improve this situation.

I’m glad you’re taking better care of yourself and are working hard, but your husband’s active involvement is needed, too. There is an American proverb that says “Men are gas stoves, women are braziers”. This means that men quickly reach orgasm while women need a lot of time. That’s why you need your husband’s help in the “prelude” so that the “coal furnace” and the “gas stove” burn at the same time. And to get this “help” you also need to be more active, more active.

If you have read the novel “The Countess’s Lover” by British writer DH Lawrence or watched the movie of the same name, have you ever wondered: Why does such a tall Countess fall in love with a guy? ducks” shoulder muscle? The answer is simple: Because the “duck-keeper” is not prestigious, neither rich nor knowledgeable, but he knows how to “love”. He knows how to poetize even the most disgusting places, the duck farm, into a very romantic place with flowers scattered all over his lover’s body and kisses following those flowers.

According to Laurennt Chavernac, a French sexologist, each body has its own sensitive points, no one is the same. He advises each person to detect these sensitive spots on their partner or lover’s body by hanging four small bells on their wrists and ankles and then placing kisses on her or his body. Each time the bells ring, mark the point that has just been kissed and so we will get a map of the sensitive points on the “other half” body.

This sounds very theoretical because each of us doesn’t have too many partners or lovers to not remember the “emotion map”. So we don’t need the noise of the bells and the ungainly marker pen. However, Laurennt Chavernac’s advice is still very valuable for couples who want to use “foreplay” to burn “the brazier” and the “gas stove” at the same time.

Wishing you and your husband a satisfying and happy sex life!

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