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Is there a binding condition attached?

Proposal for first-time registration exemption for new cars: Are there any binding conditions attached?  - Photo 1.

Currently, first-time car buyers still have to go through the registration procedures even though the manufacturer has registered the car before leaving the factory (Photo: Viet Hung).

However, the fact that the vehicle has been checked for technical safety and environmental protection before being sold on the market still has to be registered again right after reaching the consumer is not reasonable. , wasting money and time, and creating overload at the registration centers.

Therefore, recently, the Traffic Police Department has written to the Vietnam Registry Department to request a number of contents related to motor vehicle inspection; in which, consider exemption from the first technical safety inspection for road motor vehicles that have just been shipped, which still has the manufacturer’s warranty period.

This proposal immediately received the response of the people. “Excellent! Very reasonable! I hope the proposal is approved”, “This should have been done a long time ago”, “If this proposal is approved, people will save a lot of money”… Many comments on social networks expressed agreement.

“Yes, for a long time I have always wondered that cars must meet safety standards in order to be released from the factory, but they haven’t gone at all, once they reach the hands of consumers, they have to register again, which is too wasteful and wasteful. time”, Tuan T. commented.

“I find that the newly purchased car has to be registered very unreasonable, wasting money of both people and authorities, and causing congestion at the registration center,” said a Facebook account named Gia M. speak.

“The current regulations on first registration of new cars are overlapping and redundant,” commented Minh A.

“It should have been abandoned a long time ago. The car has just been released from the factory and has to be registered for registration, while the company has standards to ensure safety when exporting a car to the market”, Gia Tr account. comment.

“The proposal of the Traffic Police Department to exempt new car inspection is so heartwarming. If implemented, consumers will have one more reason to buy a new car instead of choosing to buy a used car,” commented Tu A.

“I’m interested in the content “there is still the manufacturer’s warranty period”. How is it not good to get genuine warranty and maintenance to be exempted from registration for the first time”, account Cuong D. consufused.

In addition, many opinions suggest that the method of road toll collection should be changed to avoid the case that the vehicle does not go out and still has to pay the road toll.

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