“Kieu women” collect bank accounts to help scam tens of billions of dong

On May 25, news from the Criminal Police Department of Thanh Hoa Province said that the case and defendant Le Thi Huong (SN 1995; living in sub-zone 9, Thieu Hoa town, Thieu Hoa district) had just been initiated. Thanh Hoa province to investigate the crime of “illegally collecting, storing, buying and selling public information about bank accounts”.

Kieu women gather bank accounts to help scam tens of billions of dong - Photo 1.

Female “9X” Le Thi Huong at the police station

According to Thanh Hoa Provincial Police, through the work of grasping the criminal situation related to the use of cyberspace and high-tech equipment to fraudulently appropriate property, the Criminal Police Department has discovered dozens of documents. The bank accounts that performed many transactions showed signs of crime with the amount of up to tens of billions of dong.

Initially, the police verified the above bank account number opened with the personal information of 12 people in Dong Thanh commune (Dong Son district) and Quang Thanh ward, Thanh Hoa city.

During the investigation, the police quickly identified Le Thi Huong as the person directly involved in the above transactions, so they summoned this “9X” girl to clarify.

At the police station, Huong initially admitted that from the beginning of 2021 until now, Huong worked as a freelance accountant in Ho Chi Minh City and was acquainted with two people named Dung and MyMy (whose background is unknown). In the process of getting to know, Huong accepted to let Dung rent 3 of her bank accounts for 2 million VND/month. Dung also said that Huong is looking for more people to open a bank account to receive money transferred in. For each bank account used to receive money, Dung will pay 1 million dong/month.

The teacher made a profit, around the beginning of May 2022, Huong returned to her boyfriend’s hometown in Dong Thanh commune to seduce and entice 12 other people to use personal information to open 54 bank accounts and pay the rental fee for each. account 600,000 VND/month and then lease it back to Dung to enjoy the difference.

Currently, the case is being investigated and clarified by Thanh Hoa Provincial Police.

According to Tuan Minh

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