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Lexus Insurance launches 24/7 roadside relief exclusively for customers

Let every journey be an emotional opportunity

Each rolling journey is always an inspiring new route and experience that the driver is always looking for the feeling of conquest, so that the emotion is sublimated. And to make each journey more complete, the Lexus Safe Drive application has updated with non-accidental road assistance, unlimited number of times to help car owners comfortably move anywhere.

Accordingly, when car owners encounter simple problems such as running out of gas, punctured tires, lost keys, … to complex technical problems that need to be towed, the car owner can fix the problem quickly and easy to contact directly through the app. At that time, the technician will arrange, depending on the incident and location, certain relief measures.

Lexus Insurance launches 24/7 roadside relief feature exclusively for customers - Photo 1.

For example, in case of accidentally locking the car, if the spare key is within a radius of 50km, the car owner can contact directly through the Lexus Safe Drive application. The mobile technician arranges to get the spare key and bring it to the vehicle location quickly. Unlocking services are also available upon request.

Or for more serious technical failure situations, the operator will arrange a vehicle so that the owner can move back or continue his journey. Even for more serious incidents that need to be towed from the place of occurrence, the operator will also assist with car rental upon request. Not only helping car owners save a lot of money, the road relief application is also a solution to help car owners overcome risks quickly and save time.

Privileges for Lexus owners

Besides getting emergency help when contacted via the app, car owners also get a lot of other perks. This is a relief feature on the way from an insurance company in Vietnam, so car owners will receive 24/7 emergency support on a wide coverage, enjoy maximum benefits, avoid difficulties, cost and time loss for the support and compensation process.

The road relief service from Lexus insurance will be deployed anywhere in the territory of Vietnam. Depending on the incident and location, the vehicle owner may be free or have to pay part of the cost. This will help Lexus owners feel secure to travel to every route.

Mr. Hai (District 2, Ho Chi Minh City) has signed up for Lexus car insurance, he said: “Because of the nature of my job, I have to travel far from the city often, so for peace of mind when driving as well as driving. In order not to affect my work, I have opted for Lexus insurance since I bought the car.I find it very convenient because of its wide coverage and emergency assistance when contacted via the Lexus Safe Drive app. Recently, the application has also been updated with a relief service on the road and I have also experienced it, so it helps me focus on traveling anywhere on business.”

The 24/7 roadside relief feature is one of the special services of Lexus insurance chosen by trusted car owners to help keep them calm and confident on every journey every day. With modern support from the Lexus Safe Drive application, every car owner feels like a trusted friend to accompany before the risks on the road.

About Lexus Insurance

Lexus Insurance is the exclusive genuine insurance of Lexus, specifically designed to bring absolute peace of mind to customers every step of the way. The product is provided by MSIG Vietnam Non-life Insurance in cooperation with Lexus Vietnam.

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About MSIG

MSIG Vietnam is a subsidiary of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company Limited (“MSI”) under MS&AD Insurance Group (“MS&AD Holdings”). The company always focuses on product development, business expansion, service quality improvement and business efficiency. In Vietnam, MSIG is currently expanding its business with a focus on digital products.

For its contributions in promoting Vietnam’s insurance market since its establishment in 2008, MSIG Vietnam was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Ministry of Finance for “Contributing to Vietnam’s insurance market in the period 2009-2018”. “. The company’s portfolio spans commercial as well as personal insurance lines.

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