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LG CineBeam – The perfect piece for a minimalist lifestyle

The rise of minimalism brings a new trend in interior design. With the advantages of luxurious colors and outstanding features, the LG CineBeam projector is one of the perfect pieces in streamlining your living room, helping you experience the minimalist lifestyle to the fullest.

Minimalism – The trend of the future

Minimalist style is increasingly popular in many fields, especially in interior design. When today’s life has too many things to worry about, invisible pressures make people tired, so the need to find simple lifestyles when returning home is increasing day by day. Therefore, minimalist space is one of the ways to help people quickly balance life and regenerate energy in the modern flow.

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Minimalist style helps people quickly balance life against pressure

In the book “Minimalist Japanese Lifestyle”, author Sasaki Fumio once wrote: “Reducing the number of overloaded furniture in the house is once to help you think about happiness”. So when you choose this style, you no longer have to spend a lot of time cleaning and shopping, thereby streamlining everything around to help your mind become healthy and happy. But how to simplify it to still ensure comfort is a “secret technique”!

Talking about the minimalist style in the house, the living room is the place where families focus and invest the most in design and layout. Because this is not only a space to welcome guests but also a place where families also sit together, relax, share and bond love. Minimalist living room design not only honors the elegance, aesthetics, but also brings comfort and comfort to the family. “The heart of the house” is where people begin to learn about minimalism!

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The living room is the place known as “the heart of the house”.

The highlight of this design trend is the simple and sophisticated arrangement with neutral, gentle colors. To create a living room space that is both simple but equally luxurious, you need to focus on lines more and omit cumbersome details. Besides, light and color at this time also become “decorative materials” creating great aesthetic effects.

Minimalism does not mean sacrificing convenience, so using smart devices that integrate many features will help increase room space, save energy, and thereby balance life. Especially in terms of home entertainment, families who follow the minimalist design trend are always looking for integrated devices to replace many devices combined, such as using a projector for the living room. The projector brings a wide screen like a real cinema, enhancing the “taste” of enjoyment and emotional enjoyment by integrating the capabilities of different devices. With just one projector, the house is more streamlined, but the experience is more immersive!

How will a projector satisfy users?

Minimalist home owners tend to choose projectors whose colors are subtle and harmonious with the space of the room, while still ensuring outstanding projection capabilities. In the projector market this year, the newly launched LG CineBeam is a bright spot, worthy of the projector topping the list in terms of both interface and features.

Not limited like conventional TVs, LG CineBeam with excellent representation is the HU715QW projector is really a revolution when it comes to bringing the feeling of enjoying a movie at a theater with the advantage of a wide screen even at a distance. Extremely short projection thanks to Ultra Short Throw technology. The product is capable of projecting up to 80 inches when placed just 11.8 cm from the wall and up to 120 inches when placed from 31.7 cm. From there, viewers can easily place CineBeam close to the projection screen without worrying about cumbersome arrangements and occupying space, making the overall living room neat and elegant.

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HU715QW projector with a wide screen even at extremely short projection distances thanks to Ultra Short Throw technology

The comfort of the HU715QW projector also comes from being easy to operate, modern and handy. Thanks to the ability to integrate wifi, bluetooth and voice control features, compatible with virtual assistants such as AI ThinQ, Apple Siri and Apple HomeKit, you can fully control the projector remotely, connect with phones, computers easily without using controls as usual.

Another outstanding feature of LG CineBeam is the environmental sensor feature. If before, users had to worry about the projector having to be placed in a dark space, now, the HU715QW will automatically adjust the appropriate brightness depending on the bright conditions of the room. From there, you are free to enjoy movies with your family even when the living room is full of light.

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Enjoy family activities with LG CineBeam even when the living room is full of light

In particular, the HU715QW ultra-short throw projector is also considered an “environment-loving projector” thanks to the Brightness Optimize feature. With a brightness optimizer and automatic switch to energy-saving mode in a dark room, LG CineBeam is a product for the green future when it can reduce carbon emissions into the air, bringing to the environment. Healthy and safe for the whole family.

Exquisite design and luxurious white tone help highlight the highlights in the living room, while still providing excellent quality, enhancing the entertainment experience for users, the HU715QW projector is the perfect “piece” Perfect for those who have been aiming for minimalism – the design trend of the future.

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