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Look at these 5 points to know a person’s destiny is good or bad


I often hear people complain that their marriage is not happy, their job is not going well, and so on. Every day I just look at other people’s flaws, and I always feel that it is the other person who is wrong, but I do not reflect on whether I am wrong or not.

There is a saying “There is never a shortage of beauty in the world, but the eyes that know how to find beauty are lacking”. The eyes allow us to see everything in the world, just like spring, we can see a variety of plants and animals. All of them widened their sleepy eyes, the blade of grass accidentally popped out of the wet ground, the mountains seemed to come to life, put on a green shirt. The flowers of all colors are racing to bloom, the cherry blossoms by the river are blown away by the spring wind, the petals that fall on the river are so beautiful!

In other words, if you can see the merits and contributions of others, and see so many beautiful things in the world, you will be filled with gratitude and your life will be happier. !


There’s an old saying: “A warm word is like putting a drop or two of perfume on someone’s body”. Like a fresh lotus flower and everyone is filled with joy. On the contrary, “disaster comes from the mouth”, if the mouth keeps slandering, slandering and cursing, the luck will soon be destroyed. So keep a kind heart, don’t talk about other people’s right and wrong, and accumulate blessings for yourself through words.


We know that in human-to-human communication, “listening” plays a very important part. A person with good listening habits will have no problem communicating with others. One good listener will believe that the other is capable of taking charge of his or her own life.

Make eye contact while listening to make the other person feel respected. Listening to the other person’s point of view and responding positively can make the other person feel understood and emotionally supported. We must form a good listening habit, listening to the voices of the world, the voices of others and our own voices…

Look at these 5 points to know the fate of a good or bad person - Photo 1.

Look at these 5 points to know the fate of a good or bad person. Photo: Khoevadep

Hands and feet

I often see job postings that say they are sincere, diligent, dynamic and careful people, dedicated and responsible, hardworking, demanding and honest. Being human and doing anything requires diligent hands and feet. Many times when we cry bitterly and tiredly, those successful people work a hundred times harder than us!


The prosperity and wealth in the world is not obtained through competition, but through virtue and good deeds.

As there is a saying: “Life and death have a destiny, wealth and wealth are all in heaven”, there is another saying: “My life is made by me, happiness is from my heart”. In fact, the two statements above are not contradictory. Fate is arranged according to man’s work, both gain and loss have cause and effect, but if people can awaken from there and work hard to cultivate virtues, they can reduce karma, increase blessings, and even be able to reap rewards. change destiny.

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