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Mistakes when cutting starch to lose weight

Giving up starch, eating a lot of protein for a long time to lose weight is a mistake, making the body weak and bones weak, according to a nutritionist.

Dr. Nguyen Trong Hung, Head of the Department of Adult Nutrition Examination and Counseling, National Institute of Nutrition, said that the mistake many people make in the process of losing weight is cutting back or not eating starch.

Carbohydrates, the main component of starchy foods, play an important role in the body. In the old days, when food was scarce, rice was the main source of energy. An adult can eat 3-4 bowls of rice a meal but is less likely to be overweight, obese or suffer from metabolic disorders. And now, even though people try to reduce the amount of starch, but metabolic diseases are still increasing.

“The problem is that people are sedentary, eat a lot of protein and fat, causing excess fat, causing overweight and obesity,” said Dr. Hung.

Many people have the habit of eating rice during the day but cut back, or even don’t eat starch in the evening for fear of gaining weight, this is inaccurate, Mr. Hung said. Starch, protein and fat are energy-generating substances, so not getting enough starch can cause depression, affecting memory as well as work performance. In fact, evening meals not only provide energy, but also help improve sleep quality. In addition, loading starch in the evening is also very useful for cases at risk of hypoglycemia.

Another mistake is applying low-carb in the long run to lose weight. Low-carb is a diet that limits the amount of carbohydrates (carbohydrates, sugars) and increases the proportion of protein and fat in the diet. According to Dr. Hung, this diet can be applied for a short time, but if it is prolonged, it is not reasonable.

“When eating without any starch, it will cause weakness. Besides, eating a lot of protein will make the liver and kidney function work harder. Not to mention, overweight and obese people need to supplement. calcium to prevent osteoporosis because the skeleton has to bear a large weight. Eating a lot of protein will increase calcium excretion through the urine, which is not good for bones, “said Mr. Hung.

Fasting or cutting carbs for a long time will make the body weak.  Photo: Shutterstock

Fasting or cutting carbs for a long time will make the body weak. Image: Shutterstock

Doctors recommend that people who want to lose weight need to stick with the diet and exercise for 6 months. The first is to apply a reasonable diet, limiting foods high in fat and salt such as fried, fried, and prepared foods, instead of boiled and steamed dishes. Don’t eat late at night.

It is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, be active, choose easy subjects such as walking, jogging, especially jogging in place. Instead of running on a treadmill or moving outdoors, you can exercise right in a standing position with the same techniques as regular jogging, how to aim for less energy input than total expenditure.

After 6 months, if the weight loss is not working, think about drugs and other interventions.

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