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Moscow says destroyed Ukraine intelligence center, UK accuses Russia of ‘weaponizing’ hunger

The statement of the Russian Defense Ministry today (May 26) stated that they destroyed dozens of military targets of Ukraine.

“High-precision missiles from the airbase hit 49 points of concentration of soldiers and military equipment of the armed forces. Ukraine. We destroyed the Ukrainian electronic intelligence center in the residential area of ​​Dneprovskoe in the Mykolaiv province. 11 Ukrainian army soldiers and 15 foreign technical experts were killed,” TASS news agency quoted Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov as saying.

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Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov. Photo: AP

According to Kornasenkov, Russian air defense systems shot down a Ukrainian Mi-24 helicopter in the village of Gusarovka in Kharkiv province. At the same time, a transport plane of the Ukrainian Air Force, transporting ammunition and weapons, was also shot down in the Kremidovka region of the Odessa Oblast.

UK accuses Russia of ‘weaponizing’ hunger

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss today accused the Russian government of “weaponizing” hunger by blocking the Black Sea and preventing Ukraine from exporting grain.

“It is horrifying that they are ‘holding’ the whole world to bargain. The Russian government is ‘weaponizing’ hunger and causing food shortages for the poorest people around the world. We simply do not allow that to happen. They need to lift the blockade on Ukraine’s grain exports,” the Guardian news agency quoted Ms. Truss as saying at a press conference held in the capital Sarajevo, Bosnia today (May 26).

Elsewhere, Turkish officials said that Turkey was in talks with Russia and Ukraine to open a grain export corridor through the Bosphorus Strait. “With a corridor opening in Turkey, there will be a demand for this food to reach the intended markets. Negotiations are still going on,” an unnamed Turkish official told Reuters news agency.

Russia released a video accusing Ukraine of firing landmines into residential areas

“Ukrainian armed forces used multiple rocket launchers BM-27 Uragan fired 9M27K3 shells and scattered 600 anti-personnel mines in the village of Novovoskresenskoye in Kherson province. Fortunately, no civilians were injured in the shelling,” TASS news agency quoted a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry as saying.

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The 9M27K3 cartridge case was discovered in the village of Novovoskresenskoye, Ukraine. Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense/ TASS

“As soon as the shelling ended, our engineer soldiers arrived at the scene and carried out demining,” the statement added.

Ukrainian officials have not yet commented on the statement and the video released by the Russian Defense Ministry.

Video: Russian Ministry of Defense/ TASS

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