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No one is born with a husband and wife, it’s just because of each other that they change

Psychologist Tue An said that the reason people often use to justify their love when it ends is “the two of them are not compatible”. When conflicts and arguments lead to a breakup, it is mostly because each person’s ego is too big.

They don’t know that our meeting is a predestined fate and also an arrangement of the Creator. To love someone is not an easy thing, but to say that you love someone until the end of your life is not something that can be done just by saying.

In the early days, we eagerly rushed into each other’s lives, despite ignoring everything from small to big. No complaints, no complaints, because we believe absolutely in the power of love.

But, at some point, when love stops, no matter what people do, it won’t satisfy you. If people are good to you, you will be bothered, if people keep your distance for peace, you will think that they are indifferent. And more sadly, when the love in your heart has died, a new rose bud has budded, the more reason you have to withdraw from the old love.

No one is born with a husband and wife, they just change for each other - Photo 1.


Many people often blame why love, marriage had gone through so many ups and downs. Seeing other couples loving in peace makes me envious. But no one knows that, behind those peace, they also have to go through conflicts, disagreements, anger and quarrels… However, they know where to stop, they know that for The other side is the one they love and they are ready to forgive each other to try together.

Love wants to be sustainable, both must know how to narrow their individual egos. Everyone for each other, give in to each other a little. Couldn’t the two of them have been able to give up a lot of things to get together. Then it’s not too big of a deal to accept a little loss for the other person, to change yourself a little bit.

No one is born compatible, just because of each other that changes. Husband and wife have been practicing for thousands of years to be able to share a pillow. It is not by chance that two strangers can volunteer to live together under one roof. If it is fate, let’s cherish and cherish our partner for each other even though he is not perfect because this life is inherently not perfect.

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