Nutritionist guides athletes to eat instant noodles properly

“There is a problem that is whether we use instant noodles, the answer is yes. It is fast, simple, satisfying a snack, the taste associated with athletes“, Dr. BS Truong Hong Son, Deputy General Secretary, General Medical Association of Vietnam, Director of the Vietnam Institute of Applied Medicine asked the question.

Instant noodles are always in the luggage of Vietnamese athletes when going abroad to practice and compete. However, the effectiveness and benefits of this rustic dish on the health and fitness of athletes have not been fully verified. TS.BS Truong Hong Son gave an answer on this issue.

“Is it harmful for athletes to eat a lot of instant noodles? About 10 years ago, the instant noodle industry has made great progress. The oil used for instant noodles has zero trans fat, which is much better than food. In terms of portions and balance, in the past instant noodles were mainly flour, but now the amount of protein is equivalent to 30g of meat, with more minerals and especially food safety.”Director of the Vietnam Institute of Applied Medicine analyzed.

However, this expert also emphasized that instant noodles should be used as a side meal and should be supplemented with some other accompaniment to ensure adequate nutrition. Dr. Doctor Truong Hong Son also said that currently on the market, there are nutritionally fortified instant noodles for athletes.

Dr. Dr. Truong Hong Son added: “To be reasonable, it is advisable to use instant noodles for snacks and try to add vegetables. It is important to have vitamins and fiber. Instant noodles have too much responsibility on their shoulders because people want it to be a complete meal. Edit. Noodles combined with vegetables, eggs can become an acceptable dish during competitions.”

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Dr. BS Truong Hong Son

Dr. Dr. Truong Hong Son is a guest in the seminar “Balance of nutrition for people who practice sports”. In the conversation, there were the presence of head coach of the Vietnamese women’s team Mai Duc Chung and player Hoang Thi Loan, Dr. Dr. Truong Hong Son gives advice on nutrition for athletes in particular and the sports community in Vietnam in general.

According to Dr. Dr. Truong Hong Son, an average person needs 1800 kcal per day. However, athletes consume much more energy, especially during competition and training. There is a study that shows that the average Tour de France rider needs 12,000 kcal per day.

Building a nutrition regimen for athletes is not easy, because each person’s body has its own characteristics in terms of weight and age. In addition, each sport has different physical requirements, there are fast-paced, high-intensity subjects in a short time, but there are subjects that require endurance. However, in sports nutrition, experts have common principles.

“The first note is to maintain a diet without skipping meals. Usually for athletes we recommend having 3 main meals, 2 snacks. Breakfast provides 20-25% of energy for the day, lunch is high. more, about 30-35%. Adding dinner and having 2 snacks is 100% energy”, Dr. Dr. Truong Hong Son said.

“The second point is a moderate diet to ensure competition and at the same time to watch the athlete’s trend. For example, athletes need to accumulate, their physical condition needs to gain a little weight or lose weight, then we have to adjust the total capacity. Quantitative by measuring the individual from the basic metabolic indicators, weight, height to calculate which athlete needs to be the most suitable, enough strength without inertia.

In addition, we must take into account the timing. For sports that require good muscles, the period before the competition must reduce starch, push on meat and grease to create a starch gap, but before the competition about 3 days, you must push the starch up to produce a glucose-overshooting state. At that time, accumulated in the liver and muscles, on the day of the competition this is a very good energy reserve for athletes to be stronger.”

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The expert who is in charge of the role of Director of the Vietnam Institute of Applied Medicine also emphasized the role of micro-minerals. These are substances that the body requires in low levels, but even a little deficiency can greatly affect fitness and mobility.

“There is a startling number that according to a recent study in Ho Chi Minh City, 18% of us female athletes have osteoporosis, calcium deficiency.

Athletes have a very high risk of fracture, 3 times higher than the average person, 3.5 times more. People with low bone density recover very difficult. So we have to check the problem of osteoporosis and calcium supplements in milk, eggs and other foods.” Dr. Dr. Truong Hong Son gives an example.

“This is complicated by the fact that calcium is also related to vitamin D, vitamin D is related to fat. We can’t absorb calcium without vitamin D. If we don’t eat fat, we can’t absorb vitamin D. This relationship is called the vitamin symphony. There is a problem that athletes are often afraid of fat. If you eat fat, you will lose strength quickly, so how to calculate enough, leading to no osteoporosis problem, anemia, vitamin deficiency.

Minerals are very important. I take for example magnesium, related to testosterone in male athletes, related to cardiovascular problems, creating endurance for athletes. I tell athletes energy is one thing but minerals are also important. In sports, a little more is enough to meet the technical requirements.”

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