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People’s Artist Le Khanh encourages young filmmakers to “dare to think and dare to do”

After more than 6 months, the contest for the makers movie short My Vietnam officially closed. The 3 highest positions in turn belong to the projects: Pao’s Forest (author: Nguyen Pham Thanh Dat), Baby parrots (author: Nguyen Tran Ai Nhi) and Standing in the middle of the line (author: Phan Ngoc Thanh Ngan).

The Advisory Board and Jury at the contest included big names in the domestic film industry: Ms. Ly Phuong Dung – Screenwriter, Deputy Director of the Cinema Department; director, actress Kathy Uyen; director, producer Phan Gia Nhat Linh; People’s Artist Le Khanh; Director, actor Cong Hau – Vice Chairman of the City Cinema Association…

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Ms. Ly Phuong Dung, Deputy Director of the Cinema Department.

Ms. Ly Phuong Dung, Deputy Director of the Cinema Department (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) highly appreciated the projects that participated in the contest. “I see in the projects the beauty of creative labor, enthusiasm and professionalism of the authors. A subtle discovery about life, about the Vietnamese people today, about the customs, habits, and cultural traditions of the ethnic communities living in Vietnam, abroad, about the disadvantaged. in society, about nature, the environment… proves the love of the country and people of Vietnam very much”.

Director Phan Gia Nhat Linh commended the new and good ideas, bringing surprises to the audience, beautiful shooting techniques, carefully invested music, along with the frames. beautiful in the contest films. Besides, he also frankly pointed out the limitations that need to be overcome.

“I think when you’re in the early stages of your career, you’re not afraid to lose anything, so being bolder, searching for new cinematic languages ​​and finding your mark is very important. important. On the one hand, while learning from the seniors who went before, but on the other hand, you also need to find your own way, tell new, closer stories, bring your own breath and today’s times,” he shared. shall.

The judging team includes prestigious names of Vietnamese cinema.

While People’s Artist Le Khanh She also expressed her joy to see many young people having passion for the 7th art. The actress said that they bravely overcome limitations and difficulties to participate in the contest and create products. impressive.

“I have a message that I want to send to you that you will come when you go, the important thing is that you dare to go. Loving cinema must be conquered, but it is difficult to conquer it to be happy and worthy”, People’s Artist Le Khanh shared.

Director, actor Cong Hau said that the contest meets the social needs and needs of cultural and artistic activities of young people who like to make films. The Vice President of the City Cinema Association also said that making a short film is not easy at all because each director needs to make the short show the problem, make the audience understand what he wants to convey.

Kathy Uyen commented that management agencies and departments should be responsible for nurturing and maintaining independent filmmakers because this is the main force of cinema in the future. With that step up, young filmmakers need to be aware of their profession and responsibility for each project they undertake.

Short Film Competition My Vietnam Powered by Netflix’s “Cinema Beauty Fund – Vietnam Creative Economy” initiative, the contest received a lot of support from all sides, including the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism together with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Film Department.

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Young filmmakers at the awards ceremony.

Launched in October 2021, the contest aims to support Vietnamese filmmakers, providing many opportunities for their voices to be heard. During more than 6 months of the contest, more than 200 works were submitted to the program. The organizers selected the Top 10 films with the best quality to award a production budget of 230 million VND (equivalent to 10,000 USD).

Previously, the Vietnam Cinema Beauty Foundation – Vietnam Creative Economy announced the figure to nearly 5 billion VND with the aim of supporting the disadvantaged filmmaking community in Vietnam such as female filmmakers, ethnic minority people, etc. ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, people living in difficult circumstances or people of the LGBT+ community.

Through the contest, the organizers want to find the best young filmmakers to contribute to bringing Vietnamese cinema to a new level.

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