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Security camera: Drive a car to steal a phone shop

Ho Chi Minh CityTwo young people drove a car to a phone shop in Thu Duc City, cut the lock, went in and out many times to carry all their possessions.

Security camera: Driving a car to steal a phone shop

The camera recorded two young men driving a car to steal the phone shop’s property. Video: People provide

Two thieves drove a 4-seat car to the front of Minh’s phone shop on Kha Van Can street, early morning of May 25. One user uses the combined force to break through many layers of doors to get in, the other waits outside.

The thief took two laptops, all the phones and iPads on the shelf filled with backpacks and brought them to the car. He continued to return several times, put all the components in two cartons, put them in the car, and then escaped with his accomplices. The incident lasted for about 10 minutes and was recorded by the store’s camera.

According to Mr. Minh, the stolen phone and iPad shipment cost about one billion dong, just imported. The police extracted the camera, looking for the culprit.

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