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Texas has the laxest gun laws in the US

The number of civilian gun owners in the US is 393 million – more than any other country. In the US, Texas is the state with the laxest gun laws. This is also the state that has just had a terrible shooting that left 21 people dead.

California Governor Newsom has criticized lax gun regulation in Texas, amid a gun show scheduled to take place in Texas this weekend.

Gavin Newsom – Governor of California said: “The problem is that many politicians have been paid by certain interest groups, many interest groups will be honored this weekend in a gun and equipment show There are people out there who manufacture and market infant-safe AR-15 guns and the symbol of that marketing is a baby pacifier. Those are the people who are going to Texas this weekend and exhibiting. That’s what we need to condemn.”

Texas has the laxest gun laws in the US - Photo 1.

Mr. Gavin Newsom – Governor of California

Last year, Texas Governor Abbott signed a new law, ending the requirement that residents must obtain a license or complete training to carry a handgun. The law made Texas one of the states to have eliminated most of the handgun restrictions. Many politicians and citizens have criticized the Governor of Texas for the new policy.

Mr. Beto O’Rourke – Former congressman running for Governor of Texas: “No background check, no training, no checking anything. Mr. Abbott didn’t stand up for the people of Texas, the only thing he did. is to make it easier to buy guns and carry guns in public. His only concern is the companies lobbying in the gun industry.”

Texas has the laxest gun laws in the US - Photo 2.

The victims of lax gun control this time around are children. And while the United States is grappling with a formula shortage crisis, it seems that the fact that guns are easier to obtain than infant formula is deepening the pain of families with young children.

According to the Giffords Center for Gun Violence Law of the United States, in this country, at least 36,000 people are killed by guns each year, or 100 people die from guns every day.

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