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The car hit the cow running across the road

The cow jumped suddenly in the middle of the road, causing the driver not to handle it in time, the car crashed into the big animal.

Should you stab or avoid the cows running across the road?

Video: Ocean Tuan

Traffic situation: The cow ran across the road from the field when the car approached. Unable to handle the situation, the driver crashed so hard that the cow was thrown out and knocked down a motorbike driver. The cow ran away immediately.

Driving skills: Driving on a highway or a road passing through an urban area with houses on both sides of the road, the driver needs to focus on observing, mastering the speed, and be alert to unexpected situations such as children playing, cyclists and cattle ran out into the street.

Penalize:According to Article 7 of Decree 144/2021 of the Government on violations of regulations on public order, the act of letting domestic animals loose in urban areas or public places, allowing pets to encroach on roadways, sidewalks, and living places in residential areas, urban areas or unintentionally causing injury or harm to the health of others will be subject to a warning or a fine of between VND 300,000 and 500,000.

In case the owner lets the pet cause injury or property damage to other organizations and individuals, he/she may also be fined from 1-2 million VND.

Nguyen Vu

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