The construction site for the second airport in Hanoi has not been finalized yet

Answering VTC News on the morning of May 25, a source from the Ministry of Transport said that the Hanoi People’s Committee proposed the second airport planning and the State Appraisal Council approved and reported it to the Prime Minister. However, there is still no official proposal on the location of this airport.

“Up to now, the Ministry of Transport has not received any official documents mentioning the location of the second airport for Hanoi in Thuong Tin district.” source said.

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A representative of the Ministry of Transport said that in order to determine the construction location, many factors such as airspace, ground, site, population, natural conditions, and techniques are needed.

According to the leader of the Ministry of Transport, the proposal of a location to build a second airport for Hanoi needs to be considered based on many factors and specific scientific research, but it is impossible to say where to place it. This position also said that the decision to put the airport in any position must be considered by many ministries and branches, in accordance with the planning of the route network and ensuring security and defense factors.

Earlier, news from the Department of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Transport said that the State Appraisal Council is submitting to the Prime Minister for approval a national airport – airport network planning project. In the project, there is a plan for the second airport of Hanoi.

As soon as the project is approved by the Prime Minister, the specialized management agency will have research plans in terms of planning to reserve resources, especially the study to invest in building a new airport will be studied in detail. in the following period.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam also said that the planning of a second airport for the Capital Region is the orientation and vision of aviation development for the future. Currently, Noi Bai International Airport has enough capacity to exploit and meet the travel needs of people in Hanoi and surrounding areas.

The second airport study for Hanoi is set out to solve the case that Noi Bai airport is overloaded. According to calculations, by 2050, the number of passengers passing through Noi Bai international airport will be about 100 million, then even if this airport has been expanded, it will still be difficult to meet the development needs. Therefore, the construction of a new airport in Hanoi must be taken into account.

The Hanoi People’s Committee has proposed planning an airport in Ung Hoa district. However, according to research by specialized units, this position has many problems affecting the operation at Noi Bai airport.

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