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The escape in the forest of two jail breakers

Quang TriHiding in the woods for three months, changing where to stay every day, the fugitive was caught when he went out to buy food.

On the afternoon of May 19, Cam Lo district police arrested Doan Tran (50 years old, residing in Khe Sanh town, Huong Hoa district) while hiding in Ho Chi Minh City. The accomplice who escaped from the detention center with Tran is Nguyen Van Tiem (30 years old, residing in Gio An commune, Gio Linh district) who got caught on May 12 in a mountainous area in Ba Long commune (Dakrong district).

Three months earlier, at dawn on February 20, Tran and Tiem used a metal rod to cut a 30 x 50 cm hole and escaped from cell 1A at the Cam Lo police custody house. At this time, Tran was investigated for transporting and possessing 21 kg of methamphetamine. Tien was sentenced to 5 years in prison for illegal possession of narcotics, pending execution.

In order to catch the two escapees, Cam Lo police set up many checkpoints with hundreds of soldiers, scattered troops along Highway 9 up to the Vietnam border with Laos. People are mobilized to report the news as soon as suspicious traces are detected.

The police also met Doan Tran’s family in Khe Sanh town (Huong Hoa district) and Tiem’s ​​family in Gio An commune (Gio Linh district) to convince if the suspect made contact, they would mobilize to surrender. But the two did not have any “moves” with their family members.

Doan Tran when he was arrested in Ho Chi Minh City.  Photo: Cam Lo Police

Doan Tran when he was arrested in Ho Chi Minh City. Image: Cam Lo Police

In early May, scouts received news that Tien and Tran were suspected of hiding in Ba Long commune (Dakrong district). Tiem has a number of times to go to the grocery store in the commune to buy food and food.

The scout immediately approached the shop owner to extract information. Cam Lo district police coordinated with Dakrong district police to set up three teams with 47 officers and soldiers in this area to deploy plans if the escapees resisted and escaped.

Despite concentrating more forces, the police appeared to “relax the siege” so that Tien could be trapped. On May 12, Tiem returned to the grocery store and bought 5 kg of rice and 2 kg of pork. At the end of the afternoon of May 12, on the way back to the forest, this prison escapee was secretly arrested in a deserted area to avoid panic and disturbance for the people.

The hidden area is about two to three kilometers from the grocery store, bordering the production forest and the natural forest. Thiem Khai along with Tran obtained some pots and pans and plastic bottles to store water. Money for purchases is visitation money received while in custody.

Both put stones to cook, limit the fire, when moving, try not to make any noise, make sure not to leave a trace.

Tien was arrested when he went to a grocery store to buy rice and meat.  Photo: Cam Lo Police

Tien was arrested when he went to a grocery store to buy rice and meat. Image: Cam Lo Police

When Tien took the scout to a hiding place in the forest, Tran escaped. The specialized committee said that this drug trafficker used to be a husband and wife, familiar with the harsh living conditions in the mountains and familiar with the area when he escaped.

Tran was the mastermind of the escape, choosing a resting place in the forest, and Tien followed suit. The place to sleep for the night is often an area that is easy to hide, easy to escape. The accommodation is not according to the rules, not predetermined but “knows where to go”.

Authorities judged Tran moved south to escape to the Cambodian border area. On May 18, two working groups with 25 officers and soldiers were divided into two routes by air and by road to Ho Chi Minh City.

On the morning of May 19, scouts were present in the Eastern Bus Station area, checking inns, motels… Knowing that he would take the bus to Tay Ninh province, the scouts gathered at the door area. number one at the bus station and discovered Tran waiting in the passenger area on the afternoon of the same day.

The two escapees claimed to have moved along Highway 9 to the west, to the forest in Dakrong commune (Dakrong district), Tan Hop commune (Huong Hoa district). When the police encirclement gradually tightened, the two suspects crossed the forest to the south, down to the area of ​​Ba Long commune.

In the process of escaping, the two saw some camps of people going to the forest, so they collected some living tools. Living in the middle of the forest for three months, the two dig trees, find roots, catch fish, and try to be self-sufficient.

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