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The Hope Fund builds a new school in the westernmost part of the country

Dien BienTwo new schools in Ta Mieu village, Sin Thau commune, Muong Nhe district were built with the contributions of VnExpress readers, MoMo wallet users…

The project cluster has just been started, including 2 classrooms with self-contained toilets for preschool students and 3 other classrooms for primary school students. The old classroom area is sponsored to paint and repair to convert the function into a public house. The fund also supports the construction of new kitchens and clusters of male and female toilets, creating favorable conditions for teachers and students to teach and study with peace of mind. Total funding value is estimated at 1.5 billion VND.

Construction ground .  Photo: NA

The site of Ta Mieu school during the foundation construction phase, next to it is an old degraded classroom. Image: NA

Nearly 700 km from Hanoi, Ta Mieu is a border village located in the westernmost part of the country, the mountain road is far, far away. Here there are 55 households with more than 200 people, in which people are mainly Ha Nhi ethnic people, life is still difficult.

Ta Mieu school site (belonging to Sin Thau Kindergarten and Primary School) currently has 40 students, and is expected to welcome a total of 71 students next school year. Mr. Bui Thuy – Principal of Sin Thau Primary School said that the old classroom was built in 2015 but there was no foundation and bracing, the roof was covered with corrugated iron, no ceiling, and was degraded. Due to the impact of earthquakes, severe rain and sun, many areas were damaged, walls peeled, corridors cracked.

“The class is not enough, so the school has to organize mixed teaching at grades 1 and 2. The students of grades 3 – 5 have to go to the social center 10 km away. Apart from the lack of classrooms, the school currently has no gates or walls. Surrounded by cows and buffaloes, they often enter the lagoon, and the toilets are temporary,” added Mr. Thuy.

From the school year 2022 – 2023, teachers and students at Ta Mieu school will be able to study and teach in the new school, after the construction is completed, expected in July.

Perspective of primary school at Ta Mieu after completion.

Perspective of primary school at Ta Mieu after completion.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Hung, Provincial Party Member, Secretary of the District Party Committee – Chairman of the People’s Council of Muong Nhe District, said that Ta Mieu school is located in Sin Thau commune – the westernmost point of the country where the border is adjacent to the two countries Laos and Vietnam. China is an area with a strategic and key position in terms of security and defense.

“The investment in facilities for the school has sparked hope for a bright future for the children of ethnic minorities in the region, contributing to reducing difficulties for teachers, students, and teachers. traditional patriotic education, preserving the sovereignty of the national border, in addition, it is also the concern of the Party, the State, philanthropists as well as the Hope Fund for students in extremely difficult areas , gratitude to the people of all ethnic groups in this border land”, Mr. Hung shared.

The project at Ta Mieu is part of the School Light program, which has been implemented by the Hope Fund since 2018. The program has received support from newspaper readers. VnExpress, support from Thien Tam Fund (Vingroup), paint sponsorship from Nippon and design consultancy and project supervision by Vietnam Construction Consulting Corporation (VNCC). For the project at Ta Mieu, the fund received 350 million contributions from MoMo wallet users.

Before that, the fund has completed 15 schools, boarding houses, canteens for teachers and students in Quang Nam, Lao Cai, Son La, Ha Giang… including 2 schools in Muong Nhe and Dien districts. Record. This year, the School Light program aims to build 10 new schools. Readers can accompany the program here.

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