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The luxurious life of the world champion F1 driver

Max Verstappen lives in a luxury rented apartment in Monaco, has a collection of expensive supercars and a private jet.

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Max Verstappen’s Formula 1 racing career (born 1997, Netherlands) began at the age of 17. Just a year later, at the age of 18, he was the youngest driver to win a Grand Prix and the first Dutch world champion at the age of 24. Over the years, the young man accumulated wealth through salary and bonus. and sponsorship. According to ForbesVerstappen is the second highest-paid driver after “legend” Lewis Hamilton and the 27th highest-paid sportsman in 2021 with 42.5 million USD. Earlier this year, Verstappen signed a 7-year contract extension with a salary 50 million USD/year without bonus.

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In the living room, Verstappen placed the SimRacer high-end racing simulator and did not allow anyone near it. The whole set of estimates costs from 15,000 USD come over $35,000.

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The 2022 F1 schedule is packed with 23 Grand Prix races held across five continents from March to November. However, mobility was not an issue for Verstappen when he purchased the Dassault Falcon 900EX jet. , once belonging to business magnate Richard Branson, in 2020. Outside, the “pet” of the world F1 champion is engraved with the name Verstappen and the lion – the symbolic animal of the Netherlands – on the tail. Built in 2008, this aircraft is valued at about 15 million USDwith an estimated annual maintenance cost of more than 1 million USD.

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Inside Verstappen’s plane there is a bar, bathroom and can carry 12 passengers at a time. As a result, Verstappen’s family, friends and teammates can accompany him on his travels. The plane even has its own Twitter page.

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For Verstappen, vacation is about doing fun things with family and friends. During a recent inter-season break, he spent time in Brazil with his girlfriend Kelly Piquet’s family before heading off to Miami. Soon after, the 24-year-old racer heads to Austria for an exhibition at the GP Ice Race and spends time in a helicopter ride over the Alps – which can cost approx. 1,800 USD/hour.

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In August 2021, Verstappen welcomed a new housemate, 2 Bengal cats. This is one of the most expensive animals in the world, with an average price of 1,500-3,000 USD/con. Not to mention the cost of food and veterinary care. He nicknamed them Lewis and Toto, after their rivals Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff.

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Kelly Piquet (33 years old), Verstappen’s girlfriend, is a famous model. Her father is 3-time F1 world champion Nelson Piquet and mother is a former model from the Netherlands. Piquet has a daughter with Russian racer Daniil Kvyat – whom she dated until the end of 2019. In October 2020, Piquet started dating Verstappen. Both are public and are not afraid to show affection on social networks.

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