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The Ministry of Transport will complete the IPv6 transition 1 year earlier

To lead, support and orient the transition to IPv6 in state agencies, from mid-January 2021, the Ministry of Information and Communications has approved the Program to promote and support IPv6 transition for agencies. state (IPv6 For Gov) period up to 2025.

Recently, under the coordinating role of the Vietnam Internet Center (VNNIC), ministries, branches and localities are actively implementing activities of the “IPv6 For Gov” program.

Specifically, at the Ministry of Transport, right after the “IPv6 For Gov” program was approved, the Ministry of Transport’s plan to convert IPv4 to IPv6 addresses for IT and Internet systems in the 2021-2025 period was also issued.

Accordingly, the roadmap to convert IPv4 to IPv6 addresses of the Ministry of Transport is divided into 3 phases: Preparation, implementation (in 2021); Connecting, testing (first 6 months of 2022); Official transition (from 2022 to 2025). And it is expected that by 2025, the entire system of the Ministry of Transport will switch to pure IPv6.

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The Ministry of Transport strives to complete the entire transition to IPv6 addresses in 2024, 1 year earlier than planned.

However, in the new information shared with VietNamNet, Mr. Chu Quang Trung, Deputy Director of the IT Center – Ministry of Transport, said that in fact, units in the Ministry have completed a number of projects earlier than planned. work content. At the same time, strive to complete all the work of converting to new-generation Internet addresses IPv6 in 2024, 1 year earlier than planned.

Over the past time, important information systems, related to many people and businesses, and with high requirements for information security and safety, have been prioritized by the Ministry of Transport to switch to IPv6. prior to.

Up to now, the Ministry has completed the transition to IPv6 with the following systems: Electronic portal; Public service portal; Professional system for handling administrative procedures; Document management system and work records; Road transport online public service system; International road transport management system; Wireless network system at the headquarters of the Ministry of Transport.

“We are also working on a conversion test for email systems, video conferencing, WAN, LAN, and WIFI networks. It is expected that the official conversion of these systems will be completed in 2022.”Mr. Chu Quang Trung added.

Evaluating the benefits of completing IPv6 transition for a number of IT systems at the Ministry of Transport, a representative of the Ministry’s IT Center said that the transition to IPv6 will contribute to bringing common benefits such as services for people and businesses to access and use services of state agencies more conveniently; ensure Internet development with new services such as Internet of Things (IoT), smart city (Smart City) as well as the development of 4G, 5G services…

The Ministry of Transport’s IT system when converting to IPv6 is provided with a more secure authentication feature thanks to smart encryption technology. The system is better secured.

Along with that, the system is automated for administration, capable of expanding in the future. The IPv6 address space is much larger than before, helping to create more space for expanding applications and services serving people and businesses. In the future, the online interaction of the Ministry of Transport with the people will be made easy.

Talking about the direction of activities in the coming time, the representative of the IT Center said that the unit will coordinate with VNNIC to organize or send staff to participate in training classes organized by VNNIC on the content of IPv6 transition for customers. different subjects, especially for IT engineers who directly build and operate the information systems of the Ministry.

The IT Center will also coordinate with network operators to upgrade IPv6 support lines, and upgrade equipment to realize the set goals: Completing the transformation of internal IT application systems. The set includes email system, video conferencing, WAN, LAN, WI-FI network.

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