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The most beautiful colorful houses in Asia

London-inspired apartment in Hong Kong

In house At 260 square meters in Mid-Levels, Hong Kong, the luxurious “timeless international design inspired by London” is the work of architect Thomas Griem and London-based TG Studio.

Griem says he’s really interested in the London-inspired aesthetic – especially the current one. “It means traditional, high-quality, custom-made items; carpentry material is well done; and not obscured by everything being beige.” It also means “creating an unusual space,” he added.

Tasked with bringing this vision to life, Griem incorporated the wishes of his clients with his own style. “Our projects have always been a mix of my interests and also what I think the client will like,” says Griem. “I am confident that I like to make high-end residential areas colorful, modern but still environmentally friendly.”

Colorful apartment on black and white background in Singapore

Finding a black and white home in Singapore requires patience, luck and the right timing, and landing the right one in the midst of a pandemic is certainly a feat.

Colombian-born interior designer Ale Mora, who moved to Singapore at the end of 2020, was determined to make it happen.

“The black and white houses are hidden gems – they celebrate Singapore’s history from their walls,” says Mora. My style is eclectic, towards craftsmanship” an approach that is evident in her strong colors, unexpected combinations and numerous textures.

Penthouse with Orchard Road view

This 5-bedroom penthouse offers stunning views of Singapore’s Orchard Road shopping mall. Large windows designed in most rooms in the apartment create a picturesque panorama and provide 360-degree views of the city. “The view around the apartment captivated me,” says interior designer Divya Anthony, founder of Antone by D.

Inspired by the scene, the designer chose a material palette with subtle colors and rich textures to decorate the interior.

“I knew instinctively that anything I wanted to introduce into the space had to not compete with vision for attention,” explains Anthony. The materials and layout of the apartment are carefully arranged with the aim of complementing the scenery.”

Jimmy Choo’s house

Jimmy Choo is one of the most famous names in the fashion world. The Malaysian-born shoe designer owns a 163-square-foot penthouse located in a hotel-specific serviced apartment complex in Kuala Lumpur.

The general inspiration for this project is Choo’s own story, said Ooi Boon Seong, founder of design firm OD&A, which has carried out the renovation of the property. “We took a deep dive into his life’s journey to create a home that honors his legacy and influence.”

Striking blue is seen throughout the house. To ensure the finished product is a relaxing yet sophisticated product, Ooi has carefully selected and combined the right materials – it is important that quality is not compromised in the pursuit of aesthetics.

Stylish, modern house in Malaysia

Located in Kuala Lumpur, this house is a conventional two-storey apartment with a terrace. Joanne Low, studio director and senior design at Framework Design Studio, recounts that at 232 square meters, the house is still in minimal form of renovation – albeit in a rather rundown condition.

The owners demanded a modern farmhouse concept. To match this, the designers have chosen a lot of mosaic floor and wall tiles, subway tiles. Although this brings visual attention, designers prefer to paint only white because the client has a lot of colorful artwork.

“We wanted to keep it clean and simple with just white paint so the artwork stood out,” explains Low. For the kitchen, the client wanted a farmhouse theme with dark cabinets so we suggested painting it black to achieve the desired look.”

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