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The woman almost got into trouble because she was sitting in the middle of the road driving a tortoise truck

May 26, 2022 06:49 GMT+7

No matter what you do, you need to follow safety rules to avoid encountering a situation similar to the woman in the clip below.

The clip taken by the roadside security camera recorded a dangerous situation at a house under construction on the roadside.

According to the clip, at 8:33 am on May 25, at the roadside civil construction site, there are many materials such as bricks, cement and equipment used for construction such as concrete mixers, winches… be allowed to encroach on the entire sidewalk and part of the road. A woman was sitting near the middle of the lane dividing line operating a winch to lift a tortoise truck carrying mortar to the upper floor. At that moment, beside her was a 5 ton truck reversing on the road.

The truck driver, after reversing, slowly rolled forward, almost dragging the woman sitting under the car. Fortunately, the woman was able to react in time to get up, so the truck just pushed over the seat she was sitting in.

When the woman took her hand off the winch to avoid the car, the tortoise car was not driven and fell freely from the upper floor to the ground. Fortunately, no one accidentally stood below.

The woman almost got into trouble because she was sitting in the middle of the road driving a tortoise truck
Image cut from clip

The clip quickly attracted the attention of netizens, many of whom believed that the truck driver was careless and did not look at the road before changing the wheel. But most of the online community condemns those who are doing the construction work for not ensuring labor safety as well as traffic safety when encroaching on the whole roadside for their own purposes.

Some outstanding comments from netizens:

“Losing this driver, driving without paying attention like this. It’s too dangerous. But I’m very alert. I just stand up to avoid the car, but don’t get stuck and run a little deeper, I’ll end up with a turtle car.” ;

“Fortunately, the other sister saw well. She narrowly escaped death. Don’t talk about driving, even if you go with a mirror, you won’t even look”;

“The truck driver is only part of it, if it doesn’t have one, then another vehicle. Build a house to dump materials and load materials for a whole lane, then why didn’t the car overwhelm me, luckily, I ran out in time”;

“Not only the case of the car turning around, but seeing a one-way street with two lanes, a lot of cars passing by at high speed, so it’s extremely dangerous. Sitting occupying nearly half of the road, who doesn’t pay attention or pass recklessly? vision, the consequences are incalculable”;

“Drivers are inattentive, working people are sitting right in the middle of the road like in our yard. If it’s not this car, the other car will hit it. If we don’t care about our lives, who can take care of them”;

“The builder who goes to work must also keep his life, sell his strength for a salary, not sell his life and sit in the middle of the road like that’;

“If you dodge the truck, you will eat the turtle car upside down. Europe is also a lesson for home builders to comply with work safety and traffic safety as well. Sitting occupying more than half of the lane is crowded. “.

Lam Giang; Clip: MXH

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