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The world is increasingly concerned about monkeypox

The European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a series of countries such as the US, Australia, Cambodia, Cuba, Bolivia and the Dominican Republic have urged people to pay attention to symptoms of the disease, activate epidemiological surveillance at stores border gates and airports to detect suspected cases monkey pox.

In addition to the Belgian Government requiring a 21-day quarantine for people with monkeypox, German authorities have also made a similar move. The patient must be free of all symptoms before the end of the isolation period. The recommendation of 21-day isolation also applies to cases of direct contact with sick people – ie F1 category.

Some countries prepare vaccines and plan vaccination for the people

First, the US, then to the European Union countries, ordered the Danish biotechnology company Bavarian Nordic, the only US-licensed manufacturer of monkeypox vaccine. Hundreds of millions of vaccine doses are being urgently produced and delivered to governments on order, as early as 2023.

French and US officials are planning to vaccinate adults at high risk of contracting the monkeypox virus, including health care workers, with a third-generation monkeypox vaccine. Ideally, for 4 days after exposure to the patient, until up to 14 days afterward. The vaccination program will include 2 or 3 doses for non-immune patients, with each injection 28 days apart.

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In addition, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns people to avoid close contact with sick people as well as dead or living wildlife such as small mammals, such as rodents, primates such as monkeys and apes.

According to Dr. Rosamund Lewis, Head of Smallpox Secretariat, WHO Emergencies Program: “It is important now to realize this outbreak can be contained by contact tracing and isolating cases. sick”.

Maria Van Kerkhove – Technical Team Leader, WHO Emergencies Program said: “The disease is transmitted by close, skin-to-skin contact, so it is very different from COVID-19. Therefore, we must monitor to detect it. people with pimples to support them first Most of the people identified with the disease now are mild cases, but anyone who has been in contact with these people needs to be informed to avoid further spread of the disease. I mean here that the current situation is controllable.”

Dr Amesh Adalja, from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in the US, said: “I don’t think monkeypox has any pandemic potential, because it’s not contagious, it’s not contagious even at this stage. incubation, and because we have a smallpox vaccine that has proven effective against monkeypox.”

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There is no evidence that the monkeypox virus has mutated

Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) assesses that while the current outbreak of monkeypox is quite unusual because it occurs in countries where cases are rare, but still under control.

On Monday, the WHO also confirmed that there is no evidence that the monkeypox virus has mutated. It remains unclear whether the current series of monkeypox cases are the tip of the iceberg, or a sign that the peak of the epidemic has passed. Therefore, countries are generally keeping a calm stance but not letting their guard down.

Some countries do not rule out the possibility of monkeypox infection in the context of a resurgence in international tourism. As for the possibility that monkeypox can develop into a pandemic like COVID-19, experts agree that cases are only likely to increase in number, but almost none. opportunity to develop into a pandemic, because monkeypox is so much harder to spread than COVID-19, we also now have some weapons to control monkeypox.

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