Things that interfere with Wi-Fi waves make your home network ‘slow as a turtle’

Unlike a LAN, which is only affected by the length of the connection wire (which is negligible within a home), the Wi-Fi signal is very easily obstructed by objects in the house, including people. In fact, users never have such a perfect home that nothing interferes with the Wi-Fi signal. Therefore, it is important to understand where in the house the Wi-Fi signal is strongest, how to place the transmitter and avoid items that can easily block or degrade connection quality.

One of the factors that greatly affect the quality of Wi-Fi waves in the home that many people do not expect is the decorative items. Usually, we always blame concrete walls, large, heavy items when the Wi-Fi signal is weaker than expected. But seemingly innocent items that are contributing to the beauty of the house are “hidden culprits”.


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Glass, water in the aquarium are materials that block Wi-Fi wavelengths very effectively. Placing a router (router) near an aquarium is no different than installing Wi-Fi and “giving” a shock absorber next to it, or easier to imagine, digging a canal for water to flow but making a dam to block the flow. On this side of the aquarium, where the router is on the same side, the Wi-Fi quality is very good, but when going to the other side of the tank, you will notice a noticeable decline.


Books are quite thick and if you put them together closely, users will create a “wall” with shelves and books – an effective tool to weaken the Wi-Fi signal. Therefore, you should not place routers or nodes in your home mesh network on (in) bookshelves.


Mirror and glass are both made of the same material, but the mirror has an extra coating that helps reflect light and also includes wireless wave signals hitting this surface. Many families have the habit of leaving a large plate on the wall without knowing that they are reducing the ability to transmit Wi-Fi from the router to other areas of the house. In addition, old mirrors manufactured with technology Older mirrors have better wave resistance than new manufactured mirrors.


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Modern TVs look like a black mirror when the screen is off, but that’s not the main cause of interference. The real “culprit” is the giant sheet of metal inside. The best way to observe this part is to separate the flat screen part of the TV, you will see the metal plate covering almost the entire back. This coating acts as both an electromagnetic shield and strengthens and protects the structure of the TV. Of course, one “use” no manufacturer mentioned is to interfere with Wi-Fi waves.

Metal ornaments

Metals in general have an impact on the strength of indoor Wi-Fi. Hanging or decorative metal objects in the home always affect wireless waves, so be sure you do not place the router near, on, or in any objects made of this material.

Kitchen utensils

Things that interfere with Wi-Fi waves make your home network 'slow like a turtle' - 3

Have you ever wondered why when you go to the kitchen, your phone is always getting worse, not only connecting to mobile networks but also Wi-Fi? The cause is not entirely by where the kitchen is located in the house, but by the utensils in the kitchen. Refrigerators (especially large ones, metal/mirror cabinets), dishwashers, microwaves, and ovens are all made up of a lot of metal, so the kitchen area is always very effective against waves. high period.

Concrete wall

Solid concrete walls or floors (for multi-storey houses, the more floors, the greater the ability to block waves), thick are the “enemies” of Wi-Fi waves but provide a solid structure for the house. home. Similarly, brick walls are no better at improving wireless networks at home. However, drywall is completely different when this material is “invisible” to wavelengths, almost not obstructing Wi-Fi waves.

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