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Training English-speaking contestants at Miss Universe, Kim Duyen caused controversy with pronunciation mistakes

At the end of February, fans of runner-up Kim Duyen broke down when they heard that the beauty would be the representative of Vietnam to participate in the contest. Miss Supranational 2022. In addition to compliments on beauty, catwalk style and hot body, people also expressed concern about Kim Duyen’s incomplete English level. This is considered the weak point of the beauty on the way to battle Miss Universe before.

For example, recently, people had the opportunity to “dissect” Kim Duyen’s English pronunciation through a clip of her instructing the contestants in the contest. Miss Universe Vietnam 2022. Most netizens believe that Kim Duyen still makes many basic English pronunciation mistakes such as: not emphasizing the correct stress, pronouncing words incorrectly, speaking English like Vietnamese.

Clip: Kim Duyen was examined for her English pronunciation in the Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 contest (Source: Fanpage WpressOfficial)

Training English-speaking candidates at Miss Universe, Kim Duyen caused controversy with her pronunciation with all basic mistakes - Photo 2.

Runner-up Kim Duyen is one of the most noticed beauties today

In the clip, Kim Duyen is sharing her experience of communicating in English with the contestants Miss Universe Vietnam 2022.

“I think when we speak English, the results are not only judged by pronunciation. You don’t need to have a perfect level of English. The most important thing is how you express the topic, use it. keywords, express their opinions and views. Therefore, you need to believe in yourself, similar to the way I am communicating with you. Just pretend you’re fluent in English until you actually do.” the runner-up said.

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Kim Duyen talks about her experience of using English at beauty contests: Communication effectiveness is not only judged by pronunciation.

Below the clip, in addition to many comments about the pronunciation of the runner-up, quite a few netizens also spoke out in defense of Kim Duyen. They said that, although there are still many limitations, Kim Duyen has shown remarkable progress in the process of learning English. From here to the competition Miss Supranational 2022 In about 2 months, she can completely refine her pronunciation and confidently communicate in this language.

Let’s see what people say about the English pronunciation of the runner-up:

– Close your mouth, speak more clearly, Duyen. Don’t try to open your mouth wide when pronouncing anymore, it’s not good to hear but also stuck with Vietnamese accent. If this person wants to take the Miss Supranational 2022 exam, she needs to learn more English, but hearing this is boring.

– Every time I listen to Duyen speak English, I find it difficult.

– The accent is broken. Pronunciation is too boring, go back and try to learn more English.

– Kim Duyen said the pronunciation part is not important. Then I understand why you can’t improve your English but sound like your Vietnamese.

– I also feel guilty about Kim Duyen. I work in an environment with little foreign language communication, so I sometimes lose my reflexes, so I can understand Duyen’s difficulties. But in return, this student has confidence and good self-study ability. From here until Miss Supranational 2022 is still long, just need Duyen to focus on studying rather than improving her pronunciation.

– If you can say this, Duyen has also learned and improved more than before. This friend also studies English a lot, so she will definitely go further in the future.

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