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Tu Hy Vien’s new and ex-husband were put on the ‘weighing scale’

DJ Koo – actor Tu Hy Vien’s new husband – was compared to Uong Tieu Phi because he rides a motorbike and has limited assets…

In the photo shared on social networks on May 25, DJ Koo rides a large displacement bike, wearing specialized clothes. His style is healthy and fashionable. He is believed to be in the US.

Opposite of DJ Koo, Wang Xiaofei On the first day of the week, I posted a photo of sitting in a car, elegant and elegant business style.

Tu Hy Vien's new and ex-husband were put on the scale-1
DJ Koo

Tu Hy Vien's new and ex-husband were put on the scale-2
…and Uong Tieu Phi each has a style. Photo: 163.

Many viewers compared the two pictures and said that From Hy Vien choose the wrong person to marry. A commentator DJ Koo is 52 years old this year, this style is completely inappropriate, nor in harmony with Tu Hy Vien – who “one step in the car, two steps out”.

A part of the audience put DJ Koo and Uong Tieu Phi on “the scale” and criticized Tu Hy Vien. A reader 163 write: “No matter how expensive a motorbike is, it’s still a motorcycle, how can it be compared with a Maybach. DJ Koo and Uong Tieu Phi are the same.”

Many people believe that when they fell in love and lived together for more than 10 years, Uong Tieu Phi did many things for Tu Hy Vien, including spending more than 300 million yuan to buy S hotel, as a way of expressing love. with wife.

Meanwhile, the love of DJ Koo has romantic colors, for example, tattooing a ring on his hand, tattooing his name on his neck… Some people even disparage DJ Koo and even pay for hotel rooms. Uncle shared the above opinion, many viewers defended Tu Hy Vien and DJ Koo.

One comment reads: “Money isn’t everything in love, she must have been fed up with fake rich people. Moreover, who knows if DJ Koo bought expensive gifts for Hy Vien or not, he probably needs to be honest. tell that?”

Before the noise, the insiders did not speak up. DJ Koo is currently in the US, about to return to Korea, while Tu Hy Vien is quite tight-lipped. Uong Tieu Phi is happy and happy with the beautiful Truong Dinh Dinh who is many years younger.

Tu Hy Vien's new and ex-husband were put on the scale-3
Actor Tu Hy Vien. Photo: News.

Tu Hy Vien and DJ Koo announced their marriage on March 8, after resuming their relationship since last year. According to Tu Hy Vien’s representative, the actor’s decision to marry was sudden, most family members and close friends did not know.

Tu Hy Vien was born in 1976, is a Taiwanese actor and singer known through TV series Meteor Garden, God of War, Summer Balloons…

She and Beijing businessman Wang Xiaofei lived together for 10 years, announced their divorce late last year, her two children were raised in Taiwan. Since 2012, she has not acted in movies, her personal life is tight-lipped. After the divorce, she has not re-exported, mainly spending time taking care of her children.

DJ Koo’s real name is Koo Jun Yup, is a music producer, singer, member of the dance group Clon… He is currently active as a DJ. He also has his own fashion brand.

Entrepreneur Uong Tieu Phi was born in 1981, the son of Ms. Truong Lan – one of the most talented businesswomen in China. Ms. Truong Lan is the founder of high-end restaurant chain South Beauty Group. Uong Tieu Phi now takes the place of her mother in charge of the business.

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