U23 Vietnam practiced for the first time in the UAE

In order to get used to the time zone of the U23 Asian Championship, coach Gong Oh-Kyun let the players practice at 19:00 local time. The pleasant weather and ideal ground conditions in the UAE help the whole team feel comfortable and excited during the training session.

In the list U23 Vietnam There were many players who attended the 31st SEA Games in the UAE, including Nguyen Van Toan, Quan Van Chuan, Bui Hoang Viet Anh, Nguyen Thanh Binh, Vu Tien Long, Phan Tuan Tai, Le Van Do, Ly Cong Hoang Anh, Dung. Quang Nho, Nguyen Hai Long, Huynh Cong Den, Nguyen Van Tung and Nham Manh Dung.

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U23 Vietnam entered the first training session in the UAE (Photo: VFF)

At the last practice session, coach Gong Oh-Kyun divided the training session into 2 parts. First, he and his associates supported the group of 13 new players attending the 31st SEA Games to familiarize themselves with the tactical scheme and gameplay that they were building with U23 Vietnam.

However, the Korean strategist only allows this group of players to practice at a moderate intensity to avoid overload. The remaining players continued to practice group coordination and tactical moves.

“League Vietnamese football created favorable conditions for the entire team to train in the UAE. We will make every effort to prepare well for the AFC U23 Championship. Recently in Hanoi, we have also integrated with the new style of play that teacher Gong Oh-Kyun applied to the team. I hope that those of you who have just returned from the 31st SEA Games will also have a quick pace with my ideas.” striker Tran Danh Trung shared.

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U23 Vietnam is aiming for a fast ball deployment, requiring players to move at high speed (Photo: VFF)

Previously, coach Gong Oh-Kyun emphasized that he would use a completely different strategy from Coach Park Hang Seo. The recent training session also showed that the captain of U23 Vietnam aimed for a fast ball deployment and required players to move at high speed. The new group of players attending the 31st SEA Games did not have much difficulty adapting to this style.

As planned, U23 Vietnam will have 2 more training sessions at the Dubai Police club’s yard before playing a friendly match with U23 UAE – the team is also in the process of preparing for the finals. U23 Asia 2022.

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