Unicloud Group’s imprint at Smart City Asia 2022 exhibition

Including Sliving – an ecosystem of solutions for modern and comfortable life or the automatic banking system STM (Smart Teller Machine) – smart transaction machines for the field of Finance – Banking, UniVR – pioneering virtual reality application in the field of Real Estate…

Smart City Asia 2022 is the first specialized event in Vietnam focusing on the fields of smart devices, technology and solutions, organized by the Vietnam Digital Media Association, the Institute of Innovation and Creativity. , Exporum Vietnam under the auspices of the Ministry of Information and Communications and many other agencies. With the theme “Shaping the Smart Future”, Smart City Asia 2022 focuses on introducing the world’s leading technologies in the field of digital technology and Smart Cities, smart home digitalization devices (AI, IoT). , blockchain, VR/AR, 3D).

Unicloud Group's imprint at Smart City Asia 2022 exhibition - Photo 1.

Smart City Asia 2022 event was officially opened at 09:00 am on May 26, 2022

The event will contribute to promoting trade promotion, international cooperation with countries in the region as well as a bridge for businesses and professionals to meet, exchange and approach potential customers. .

Unicloud Group's imprint at Smart City Asia 2022 exhibition - Photo 2.

Unicloud’s exhibition space at the event

Pioneering in Digital Transformation, Unicloud is a technology corporation that always leads in research and development of breakthrough technology solutions with 4 core areas: Digital Banking Platform (solution system for the financial sector) banks), Smart City (Smart City & E-Government), Digital Transformation (Enterprise Digital Transformation), and VR (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality).

Coming to Asia Smart City 2022, Unicloud brings solutions and strong products of the group with 3 main exhibition spaces: Digital Banking Platform with STM, Sliving and UniVR smart home solution system. These products and solutions not only mark Unicloud’s achievements in the field of IT solution development, but also a step forward in the “mastering of core technology” that the corporation has launched and pursued throughout. a few year ago.

At the exhibition space of solutions for the financial and banking sector – Digital Banking Platform, in addition to being consulted about the system of digital banking solutions, exhibition visitors will have an interactive experience with the computer system. Automated banking transactions STM (Smart Teller Machine).

With outstanding features compared to the old generation ATMs such as: Depositing and withdrawing money, Issuing cards on the spot, Video calling directly with tellers, etc., the STM system will gradually replace traditional counters, leading banks to move faster towards the goal of Digital Banking.

Unicloud Group's imprint at Smart City Asia 2022 exhibition - Photo 3.

Direct deposit feature to account via STM

In addition to owning self-service customer support technologies such as: Face Recognition, Finger vein Recognition, eKYC…, Unicloud’s STM is also impressed by UniCAT software system developed by Unicloud is granted EMV L2 certificate – bank card security certificate for devices used in contactless payment process. Up to now, Unicloud is the first unit in Vietnam to be granted this certificate.

Unicloud Group's imprint at Smart City Asia 2022 exhibition - Photo 4.

Sliving demo suitcase and smart switch devices manufactured by Unicloud

Sliving is also a strong product system of Unicloud when it is integrated with a series of solutions such as Smart Home, Smart Building, Smart Lighting and Smart Parking – giving customers a complete solution for a comfortable life. Sliving allows users to master their living space with just a few simple taps on mobile devices and smart devices. Not only self-developed software, most of the devices used in Unicloud’s smart home ecosystem (switches, blinds, infrared receiver/transmitter controllers…) are also researched and manufactured by Unicloud itself at Unicloud. New generation factory in CNC zone in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.

Unicloud Group's imprint at Smart City Asia 2022 exhibition - Photo 5.

Application of Interactive Virtual Reality in product demonstration

In addition to the solution system for the financial, banking and smart home sectors, Unicloud also introduced to Smart City Asia 2022 an application in the field of Virtual Reality: UniVR. With UniVR, Unicloud aims to provide virtual reality solutions for businesses specialized in areas that need to improve customer experience such as in real estate or other related fields. Typically, the Sunshine Sky City project has used Unicloud’s UniVR solution to introduce the project space to customers, improve the user experience and narrow the gap.

With a modern exhibition space, beautifully decorated with an advanced solution system, allowing customers to experience live product demos; Unicloud’s booth has attracted the attention of leaders of departments, representatives of international businesses as well as many visitors to the exhibition.

Representative of Unicloud, Mr. Pham Van Nam – Deputy Director of Unicloud CN HCM shared: “Coming to Smart City Asia 2022, Unicloud wishes to introduce and consult the solution system that we have researched and developed ourselves. We are extremely proud of our 100% “Make in Vietnam, Make in Unicloud” solutions and in the not too distant future, we hope to be able to confirm the same. both with hardware and devices. Unicloud will be a business that fully masters core technology and applies it to bring value to all aspects of life.”

Unicloud Group's imprint at Smart City Asia 2022 exhibition - Photo 6.

Some pictures at Unicloud booth on the first day of the exhibition

Unicloud Group carries with it the pioneering mission in digital transformation of Vietnam and the world, helping to elevate the value of Vietnamese people’s brains to serve the civilized community to help improve the quality of life not only of Vietnamese people but also of the world. all over the world. The Smart City Asia 2022 event will be a stepping stone, a fulcrum for Unicloud to go further on the path they have chosen.

With the support of relevant departments, agencies, organizations and associations in Vietnam, Thailand, Korea… Smart City Asia 2022 exhibition takes place in 3 days from May 26 to 28, autumn attracted the participation of 200 businesses with more than 200 booths displaying products. Besides leading enterprises in Vietnam, there were also booths from countries around the world such as Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Germany, USA, etc.

Visit Unicloud’s booth at:

Smart City Asia 2022 – SECC, 799 Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phong, District 7, HCMC

Booth E14.15

Email: [email protected]

Hotline: 19006054

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