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Viettel has two more patents protected exclusively in the US

Viettel Aerospace Institute (VTX) received exclusive protection certificates for two projects in the field of opto-electronics and materials industry.

The certification is awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Specifically, the invention “Spherical mirror optics for medium-wave thermal imaging equipment” solves the problem of self-study, design and manufacture the camera core, minimizing the dependence on imports from abroad, was born. in 2017. The second is the invention of “Method for making high-temperature composites” which helps to produce materials to meet the harsh working conditions in the military field.

A representative of VTX said that the patents protected exclusively in the US demonstrate the autonomous capacity in research and development of core technologies in the field of high-tech manufacturing and manufacturing. The US is a leading country in the world in technology, national patents are considered a valuable reference base in case it is necessary to register a patent in another country.

Up to now, Viettel has been granted 56 patents in Vietnam. The unit is also granted 11 patents by USPTO in the US. The number of patents of the corporation is increasing, covering both military and civil fields, demonstrating the goal of becoming the core of building a high-tech defense industrial complex.

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Engineer of VTX. Image: Viettel

Some other inventions of Viettel have been patented in the US such as: Methods of manufacturing high-temperature resistant synthetic materials (2022); Spherical mirror optics for medium wave thermal imaging equipment (2022); Power steering system for parallel robots by spring system with constant assist (2020)…

Recently, two works in the field of military and defense of Viettel were also considered and awarded the Ho Chi Minh Prize by the State Council – the highest state award in science and technology.

Viettel said that in the past time, the unit has promoted science and technology, attracting chief architects, leading engineers in the industry capable of exploiting and mastering technology, researching, manufacturing and mastering telecommunications equipment. information technology as well as high-tech equipment…

Minh Huy

Viettel Aerospace Institute (VTX) under the Military Industry and Telecommunications Group (Viettel), was established in 2017. VTX is responsible for researching, designing and manufacturing all kinds of high-tech technical equipment. according to the requirements of military and civilian tasks; cooperate with domestic and foreign partners in research and development of science and technology; building and training human resources in the field of aerospace.

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